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What is the Diablo 3 Akkhan Build?

Would you like to use one of the best builds in Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 released 7 years ago and is still one of the most popular RPG games today. We have learned over the years what the best methods are in the game to dominate opponents in PvP and PvE.

The Akkhan build has been the best the Diablo 3 best crusader build for years, and for good reason. It’s efficient, effective, and relies on strong combos.

This guide will explain everything you need to know to create an Akkhan build in Diablo 3.

Akkhan Build Prerequisites

Before making the Akkhan build, there are some things that you must have before you are able to:

  • You must be Level 70.
  • Your character must be a Crusader to equip the Akkhan set.
  • Play the game on Torment difficulty.

These conditions must be met or else you will be unable to use the Akkhan gear. You must be level 70 and playing the gaming on Torment for the gear to drop. They can drop from any mob.


The armor of Akkhan build revolves around using Akkhan armor pieces that give great stats to the user and provides impactful bonuses that make a difference.

  • Helm: Helm of Akkhan – Has 1 gem socket.
  • Shoulders: Pauldrons of Akkhan – Gives Resistance to all elements.
  • Gloves: Gauntlets of Akkhan – Increases critical hit chance.
  • Chest: Breastplate of Akkhan – Has 3 gem sockets.
  • Belt: String of Ears – Grants extra vitality and reduces damage from melee attacks.
  • Pants: Cuisses of Akkhan – Has 2 gem sockets.
  • Boots: Illusory Boots – Gives Resistance to all elements and grants extra movement speed. Also allows the user to move without being hindered.
  • Bracers: Strongarm Bracers – Increases critical hit chance and grants extra vitality. Also increases the damage of the user’s attacks when they knock back an enemy.
  • Amulet: Talisman of Akkhan – Has 1 gem socket. Increases critical hit chance.
  • Ring 1: Focus – Has 1 gem socket.
  • Ring 2: Restraint – Has 1 gem socket.
  • Weapon: The Furnace –  Deals fire damage and increased damage against elites.
  • Offhand: Frydehr’s Wrath – Removes the cooldown from the ‘Condemn’ skill and increases its damage. Makes it require 40 Wrath to cast.

Set Bonuses

Many items in Diablo 3 are a part of sets that provide extra bonuses when using together. The Akkhan build makes use of two sets:

Armor of Akkhan

Using any 6 pieces of the Akkhan set will provide the following bonuses:

  • When the skill ‘Akarat’s Champions’ is active, the cost of all abilities will be reduced by 50%.
  • The cooldown of ‘Akarat’s Champion’ is reduced by 50%.
  • When ‘Akarat’s Champion’ is active, the user deals 1500% increased damage and is resistant to 50% of incoming damage.

Bastions of Will

The two rings that are in the build, Focus and Restraint, are part of a 2-piece set. They provide the following when used together.:

  • Landing attacks that generate resources will give the user a 50% increased damage bonus for 5 seconds.
  • Landing attacks that spend resources will also give the user a 50% increased damage bonus for 5 seconds.

Skills and Runes

The two most important skills in the Akkhan build are Akarat’s Champion and Condemn. Because of the buffs that the Akkhan set gives, it’s easy to make use of the two abilities. The Akkhan build is a Diablo 3 Condemn build.

Here are the primary skills that the Akkhan build uses:

Akarat’s Champion

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Akarat’s Champion increases the user’s damage by 35% and increases the regeneration of Wrath by 5 for 20 seconds. 

This skill is amplified because of the Akkhan set, further increasing the damage boost and Resistance to attacks.

Rune: Prophet

While the skill is active, this rune gives 150% extra armor and fully regenerates health upon taking fatal damage for the first time.


Wrath: 40

Condemn creates an explosion after 3 seconds of charging that deals 1160% of Holy damage based on the user’s weapon damage.

Rune: Vacuum

Guard pulls in enemies towards the explosion as it is charging.


This skill is considered a basic attack. Slash generates 5 Wrath every attack. It also deals 230% of Fire damage each attack based on the user’s weapon damage.

Rune: Guard

The Guard rune stacks 5% of increased armor on the user for every hit up to 5 times.

Laws of Valor

Cooldown: 30 seconds

The Laws of Valor skill consists of two ‘laws’ that can be used at any time. The active law grants 15% increased attack speed for 5 seconds to the user and their allies.

The passive law only grants 8% increased attack speed but doesn’t require a cooldown.

Rune: Unstoppable Force

Using the active law reduces the cost of Wrath skills by 50% for 5 seconds.


Cooldown: 20 seconds

Provoke generates 30 Wrath upon use. It taunts nearby enemies and generates 5 Wrath for every enemy that is taunted. The taunt will make enemies attack the user for 4 seconds.

Rune: Too Scared to Run

This rune reduced the attack speed of taunted enemies by 50% and their movement speed by 80% for 4 seconds.

Iron Skin

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Increases Damage Resistance by 50% for 4 seconds.

Rune: Steel Skin

Steel Skin Increases the duration of this skill to 7 seconds rather than 4.

Passive Skills

Heavenly Strength

Allows the user to wield a two-handed weapon in their main hand and a shield in their off hand. This also reduces the damage dealt by 20%. 

Long Arm of the Law

Increases the duration of the active law in ‘Laws of Valor’ by 5 seconds. This makes the ability last 10 seconds rather than 5.

Holy Cause

Increases weapon damage by 10% and heals the user for 1% of their total health every time Holy damage is dealt.


Gives the user an extra 1.5% for every gem that is socketed into their gear.


Gems are a very important aspect of having a good build in Diablo 3 because they offer a variety of buffs. Most gems give different bonuses depending on where you put them.

Here are the recommended gems for a Condemn Crusader build:

Flawless Ruby Diamond – Helmet

A flawless ruby diamond when equipped to a helmet socket will reduce the cooldown of every skill by 12.5%. 

Flawless Royal Ruby – Chest

Grants the user an additional 280 strength.

Flawless Royal Diamond – Pants

Grants the user an increased 78 Resistance to all elements.

Flawless Royal Emerald – Weapon

Increases the damage of critical hits by 130%.


Bane of the Trapped

Increases the damage against enemies under effects such as taunts by 15%.

Bane of the Stricken

Increases the damage dealt against enemies by .80% for every attack they take.

Esoteric Alteration

Grants the user a 10% damage reduction to non-Physical attacks.

Use This Build to Win Every Time

There are many things to learn when playing Diablo 3, but you’ve now learned what makes the Diablo 3 Akkhan build busted. The Akkhan build is also great for those that enjoy playing Crusader, and it’s easy to learn. 

If you’re completely new, check out this article about some things to know about Diablo 3.

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