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Everything to Know About Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses

Would you like to travel to another world?

Take a break from reality and slip into the detailed, lifelike world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Steal, help, kill, spare, the choice is yours. Every action and every word you speak shapes your personal gaming experience.

Rockstar’s interactive game has over 300,000 animations and 500,000 lines of dialogue. But, one of the characters you’ll grow the closest with, never says a single word.

Your horse is a silent ally, trusted companion and your only way to get around. Shootouts and hunting trips couldn’t happen without the help of your four-legged pal.

Build a strong relationship and you’ll find yourself completing missions with ease. Yet, fail to care for your friend, and you’ll find yourself with a heap of problems.

Are you ready to saddle up and get to cowboying? Read on to find out what you don’t know, that you need to, about Red Dead Redemption 2 horses.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses

Getting insider cheats or tips can make games better. Instead of learning everything the hard way, you can start having fun right away.

The entire design of the game works around the Red Dead Redemption 2 horses. Not sure what horse is right for you? Don’t worry, in this Western reality, you’ll have 19 different breeds to choose from.

Picking out a horse is a lot like choosing a car. Some people need a fast car, while others need a dependable one to make a cross country trip. 

Before you can pick the type of horse to get, decide how you want to get one.

Where to Get Your Horse

There are a few different ways to get a horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s completely up to you as a character to choose where to get your horse and what type to get.

Ways to get a horse:

  • Catching & break in wild
  • Steal
  • Buy

Now you know where you can get your horse, but what one is right for you? It’s time to decide what kind of lifestyle you’ll be living. Next, you can pick out the right horse to match.

A Horse That Fits Your Lifestyle

Complex games like Red Dead or Skyrim give players a lot of freedom. Here’s a breakdown of some of the activities you can choose to do in Red Dead Redemption 2:

  • Commit robberies
  • Explore & travel
  • Track & hunt animals
  • Provide protection

Do you enjoy the thrill of a successful hunt? If so, then a big strong horse that can carry a lot of pelts would be the right match for your character.

Yet, for those who feel compelled to answer to the call of crime, a fast horse will serve as the perfect getaway car. Finally, explorers will need a horse with a lot of stamina, able to travel miles from sun up to sun down.

Every horse is unique and has specific character traits. Some are loyal and dependable, while others are unpredictable and wild. 

Still, with a myriad of differences between them, all the horses share one thing in common. They all crave your careful attention.

Having a strong bond with your horse is in your best interest. Horses with attentive owners live longer and perform better. While neglected animals only cause problems and run away at the first sight of danger.

Quality Time with Your Horse

Think twice before you trade your horse in for a different model. Spending time with your horse is one of the easiest ways to bring you closer together.

The closer your bond, the stronger can grow to be. Stamina, performance and handling all improve when you give your horse what they need.

As you level up you’ll gain the following benefits:

  • You can call your horse from far distances
  • Horse becomes harder to steal
  • Deep, dangerous waters are easier to cross
  • Increase in health and stamina

Watch as overtime your companion becomes less skittish and more trusting.


Quality time will bring you closer to your horse over time. Walking, leading, riding and swimming are all ways you can be with your horse.

Pay attention to the energy level of your horse when your doing activities. Exercising an overtired horse will only frusturate them, not make them like you more.


Cowboying is a dirty life, and your horse is with you, out on the front lines every day. Keep your horse clean to help them live a longer life.

Unkept, filthy horses will be sickly and more likely to die. The act of cleaning your horse strengthens your connection. Grooming is easy and only takes a moment to complete.  

What to Buy Your Horse

To protect all your hard work you can buy things to improve your horse’s life.

There are special tonics you can get to give the horses temporary health boosts. On top of health items, you can improve performance with specific pieces of equipment. Items like saddles or stirrups can help increase your horse’s ability to perform.

Finally, never ever be without a horse revival kit. Imagine, bonding, and growing close to your best friend, only to have to mercy kill them because of a fatal wound.

A revival kit means being able to keep your horse alive, even in the face of death. If you don’t already have a revival kit, buy one right away at the nearest general store.

Surviving isn’t easy in the Wild West, but you’ll never have to go at it alone. Red Dead Redemption 2 horses give real meaning to the phrase, “ride or die”. Treat them right and they’ll always be there, ready to have your back.

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