The Darkest Woods

The Complete Darkest Woods Walkthrough

As everyone who has played this game knows, it is very easy to get stuck while trying to navigate your way through The Darkest Woods. This walkthrough works for all versions of the game, including on Android, IOS, and PC. This game was created TeamSupport, and is available on the IOS Appstore, Google Play, Steam, and GameJolt.


Part One – The Forest

The game starts by you waking up in the woods and grabbing an empty bag which was the ground.

Go Fourth

You see a shaking man, there is a doll on the bench next to him.

Pick up the Doll

Go Back

Its cold and you need to find Shelter for the night.

Go Right

There is a tiny wooden shed with crying baby noises coming out of it.

Go into the Shed

There is a thin woman in the corner of the house with a pram in the other corner.

Look into the Pram

There is a crucifix in the pram.

Take the Crucifix

Place the doll in the Pram

The woman disappears after a laugh from the pram.

Go back to the Beginning

You still need to find shelter.

Go Forth

The man is still blocking the path.

Go to the inventory, take out the crucifix, press on the dark man

The man turns into a cloud of black dust. The path is now free.

Go Forth

You find an old mansion with something moving inside of it. The mansion seems to be isolated on purpose.

Go left

You find a body attached to a tree with a meat hook in it and a note.

Take the Hook

Take the Note

In bold letters the note reads “Stay Away.”

Go Back

Go Right

You find a basement entrance with a lock and a gas lamp lit near it. There is a rope hanging from the house.

Take the rope

Go back to the Beginning

Go left

An old well sits in front of you. A chest sits next to it with two pad locks.

Ignore the Chest By the Well

Look into the well

Go into inventory

Combine hook and rope

Pull out Crucifix

A severed arm appears holding the key.

Use the Rope and Hook to take the key

The hand which once held the key begins to sink.

Move away

Go back

Go back to the Basement

Unlock the basement

Part Two – The Basement

The Doors closed after you walked into the basement. You hear footsteps and a silhouetted man appears.

Take out the Crucifix

The crucifix scares him away.

Look at the Poster

The poster is of a family in front of a hotel. All the faces are spoiled except for the boy’s, who looks familiar.

Go forth

Part Three – The House

You are in a dark hallway with a barricaded door.  There is a hat on the rack.

Look at the note by the Door

The note dates back to October 3rd 1956. It talks about how the writer of the note was hired by Mr. Woods as a janitor, and how he gets his on room. He says that because the hotel is in the woods, no one will find him here.

Look Right

You see a figure rush upstairs as you look over.

Go to the Second Floor

There is a broom and a bucket laying in the middle of the hallway.

Pick up a broom

Press the bucket to reveal another note

Go to 201

The room is empty. There is a tape on the bed, a tape recorder to the left of the bed, and a scalpel to the right of the bed. There is also a painting behind the bed.

Pick up the tape

Use it on a recorder

The tape sounds as though it is from the janitor, as it says that it is a week after his arrival. It describes some of Mr. Woods strange behavior involving his wife. He says that Mr. Woods locks the dining hall, but he has a spare key he keeps in the toilet tank.

Pick up a scalpels

Poke the painting

The painting falls and a safe is revealed.

Leave 201

Go to the bathroom

The bathroom is incredibly run down, the walls are damaged, and there is a severed head in the bathtub.

Press the toilet to get the key

Leave the bathroom

Use the key on a dining room door

Enter dining room

The dining room is in pretty good condition. The table is clear and there is a telescope pointed out the window. However something is dripping from the ceiling.

Use a broom on the ceiling twice

A headless body falls out ceiling onto the table. The body is gross and smelly and quickly fills the room with its odor.

Take a look at the right window

There is a tape behind the curtain.

Pick up another tape

Leave the dining room

Enter 201

Listen to the new tape

The new tape describes a man coming to the hotel. He was mischievous and stole the key to the medkit to get at its drugs. Mr. Woods hated this, so he beat him until he locked himself in the dining room. The next morning both him and the key were missing.

Leave the 201

Enter the dining room

Nothing has changed. The body is still there. You cannot move the body so there is only one thing that you can do to it.

Use a scalpel on the dead body

You make an incision in the stomach of the body.

Press the place you cut to take out the key

The key to the medkit comes out.

Leave the dining room

Go downstairs

Use the key on a medkit shelf

Open it

Take another tape

Go to the 201

Listen to the tape

The tape describes a scientist named Nigel who comes to the hotel. Mr. Woods has him do an experiment which fails and leaves his face scarred. He becomes depressed and then loses his mind after Mr. Woods has his portrait done. He locked himself in his room so he could only be contacted by phone and could only say one word after that: handsome.

Go downstairs

Pick up the phone

Call 202

There is a beeping noise showing that someone else is on the other end.

Go upstairs

The 202 door is now open.

Enter the 202

There is a light flashing on and off from underneath the bed. A painting of Nigel on the wall. To the right of the bed, there is a typewriter.

Pick-up the flashlight under the bed

Use the typewriter


You hear a faint voice saying, “thank you.”

The painting on the wall changed to have a hand holding the code “2780”

Leave the 202

Enter 201

Use the safe

Enter the code 2780 (Right Turn,Left Turn, Right Turn, Left Turn)

Pick up another Tape

Pick up the Key

Listen to the tape

It is the voice of the janitor advising the person who is in love with Mrs. Woods to leave. It says Mary is locked in 203, and the key for 203 is in his room. He says the codes to get to the key are in his notes.

Leave the 201

Use the key on a janitor’s door

Enter the Janitor’s

It is very dark and hard to see.

Turn the flashlight on

There is a bed against the wall with a locked box on it. There is a pornographic poster on the wall and a hat.

Poke the hat

Pick up the note

Use the casket

The only place which there are numbers in his notes are the dates.

Enter codes:




Pick-up the gun and the key that were in the casket

Leave the Janitor’s room

Use the key to open 203

Enter 203

There is a woman sitting on the bed. It seem like the same woman who was in the shed before, however, she doesn’t seem to notice you.

Press the little box at the left

The box looks like that of a ring. There is a bullet in it.

Pick up the bullet

You put the bullet in the camber of the gun. You feel much safer now.

Press at the woman

The woman is holding a small note in her hands.

Take a note from her hands

Once you look at the note she disappears in a flash. You are confused.

Leave the 203

Enter the bathroom

Wait for a sec.

Press the shelf at the right

There is baking soda and what looks like an old hat in the shelf.

Pick up the Soda

Use the water tap

Use soda on the water

The soda now can be used for cleaning things.

Leave the bathroom

Enter the Janitor’s room

Press on the poster three times

Your hand rips through the poster to reveal a rusty lever that will not budge.

Pour soda on a lever

The lever is cleaned and can now move.

Pull the lever

You hear a thump in the hallway.

Leave the Janitor’s

You see that the lever was a release for the ladder to the attic.

Climb the ladder

The attic is very dark. You see a hole on the right.

Look into the hole at the right

The headless body which once was laying on the table run out of the dining hall.

Turn on the flashlight

You see an awful sight of a girl who was sacrificed by an axe in a satanic ritual. Behind her are two pillars with stones on them.

Pick up an Axe

Turn the stones to match the image

A portal forms and a demonic worm comes out of it.

Kill the worm with a gun

The worm fall flat on the dead girl. It has something around its neck.

Take the key from it’s neck

The Key goes to Mr. Woods office.

Go downstairs

The headless man from the dining hall is standing in the hallway.

Kill the headless man with an Axe

You hear something from the first floor. It sounds like someone is at the door. Better check it out.

Go to the first floor

Look left

There is a bible laying on the floor next to the door.

Press the book

The pages is carved out. Inside the book is a silver bullet wrapped in a cloth.

Pick up the bullet

You feel a lot better now that the gun is loaded again.

Go upstairs

Open Mr.Woods office with the key

Enter Mr.Woods office

His office is empty, until all of the sudden, he appears. He talks, saying that before he attempted to get eternal life, but still can with a sacrifice.

Listen to him

He explains how you are his son and he brought you here in order to sacrifice you for his own eternal life.

Wait until he Finishes Talking

Shoot Him

There are no actions left, but make sure you finish reading the text!

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