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How Good are Suppressors in Modern Warfare?

If you have been playing the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you have probably noticed the wide variety of attachment options the game offers when creating a class. There are dozens of attachments for every piece of every weapon, allowing you to fine tune each gun to your likings. The only problem: it is difficult to keep track of what is best when trying to make a class how you want it. Since so many of the attachments are similar, it is hard to know which one to use when customizing your weapon.

This is especially the case with suppressors. In Modern warfare, there are three main suppressors: the tactical suppressor, the lightweight suppressor, and the monolithic suppressor. Along with this, certain guns also have suppressors that are built into the barrels, such as the MP5. However, we will just be focusing on these main three. Each one has their pros and cons for different game modes.

Tactical Suppressor

The tactical suppressor is described as being a titanium can with a stainless steel barrel that adds very little weight. The only pro to using this suppressor is sound suppression, though there are two cons: aim down sight (ADS) speed increases, and aim walking steadiness decreases. However, both of these cons have little effect of the performance of the weapon, as the ADS speed only increases by 1 frame, and the decrease in steadiness is minimal. This suppressor is best used on Rifles and other weapons where mobility is not super important but range is.

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Lightweight Suppressor

The lightweight suppressor is an aluminum suppressor, which does not sacrifice speed or agility when used, but does hurt your weapons range. Sound suppression is the only pro of this suppressor, while damage range decrease is the only con. However, there is a significant decrease in damage range of 25%, which can drastically affect how a weapon performs at range. This suppressor is best used on Submachine guns and other close range and highly mobile weapons.

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Monolithic Suppressor

The monolithic suppressor is the heaviest of the suppressors. It has two pros: sound suppression and a damage range increase. However, the range increase is minimal and is not much of an advantage. Meanwhile, the cons are an increase to aim down sight speed, and a decrease to aim walking steadiness. Unlike the tactical suppressor, the ADS speed decrease and change to aim steadiness is significant, making gunfights much harder when moving. The monolithic suppressor should only be used on long range weapons for game modes such as ground war and Warzone.

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Out of the three suppressors, only the tactical and lightweight suppressor are really worth using in the regular game modes of modern warfare. The monolithic suppressor does much more harm to your class than it does good. It is worth using on some weapons in Warzone, such as the Uzi and the Kar98, but in regular game modes there are few situations where this increase will actually make you more likely to kill someone. Along with this, all three suppressors sound exactly the same, so it is not like its sound suppression is any better.

However, suppressors in Modern Warfare 2019 are not really worth using in general. One of the advantages of using suppressors in previous Call of Duty games was that when you fired, you would not appear on the enemy team’s radar. But in regular game modes of the new Modern Warfare, you do not appear on the enemy mini map when firing at all, except when they have a UAV. This isn’t true in Warzone however, as you will appear on the mini-map when firing any unsuppressed weapons.

So the short answer is, the monolithic suppressor is useful in Warzone, while the others do not serve much of a purpose due to the regular game modes not having the classic Call of Duty radar system.

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  1. I see people on my minimap whenever anyone fires. The UAV lets you see where everyone is located, whether they’re firing or not.

  2. Yeah you do appear on radar if you fire without a suppressor. Read below ghost, it states such.

    1. We updated the article because it was out of date. Thank you for your comment. From what we have seen in the game, the radar only works how it is supposed to in Warzone. All other game modes work in the way which we originally describe. This is a big problem that many people in the community have asked IW to fix.

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