Red Dead Redemption 2

Bats: The Complete Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

Bats are small, flying animals found in areas around the map in RDR2. Though they may not be the most useful animal to hunt, it is still important to know how to find and kill them so that you can compete achievements such as Skin Deep and Zoologist.

Best Weapons to Kill Bats With

Since the bat is such a small animal, you do not need to use a big weapon hunt them. One of the best weapons to use is to the bow. However, not all of the arrows would work well, especially if you are trying to get a perfect kill. Because of this, you use small game arrows, as they will be effective without ruining the kill.

Bat Locations

Bat’s are often found in caves or old mineshafts, but can also be found in other places, such as Bluewater Marsh.

Bat Items

MaterialCostKill Quality
Perfect Bat Carcass$0.75Perfect
Good Bat Carcass$0.45Good
Poor Bat Carcass$0.30Poor
Stringy Meat$0.25Any
Bat Wing$0.15Any

Bat Cooking

There is only one recipe that can be made with any of the bat materials and that is stringy meat. Stringy meat does not sell for a lot, but because it is so easy to make, it can be useful for eating when you do not have a lot on you. In addition to being able to make it after hunting a bat, you get it from other animals such as coyotes.

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