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Stay Quiet: Everything you need to Know About the Bow in RDR 2

In a game like Red Dead Redemption 2, it is important to have the right weapons for everything you need to do. Each weapon has its own pros and cons, with some weapons being more complex than others. Though the bow may seem simple at first, it is important to know everything about it before you use it, as the wrong arrows at the wrong times could get you killed. Here is everything you should know about the bow in RDR 2.


The bow is a ranged weapon different from every other weapon in the game. It has a moderate range but is very high powered. It can shoot a variety of arrows very accurately. Though it has a low rate of fire, its silence allows for the player to hunt and raid stealthily. On top of this, the bow preserves hunted animals better than any other weapon in the game.

Where to Get it

The bow appears in both the single player mode of Red Dead, and online. To get the bow in story mode, you must play the mission “The Aftermath of Genesis.” During this mission, the bow is given to you, and you will have it from then on. To get the bow in Red Dead Online, you must buy it from the gunsmith. In order to do that, you must be at least level 10 and be willing to spend $124. Along with the regular bow, there is also the sacred bow, which used by the Native tribes. This bow can be used in the mission “Bear Mountain.”


There are a number of different arrows which the bow can fire. Most have some specific purpose, but all are effective. You can buy arrows from the fence.

  • Standard Arrows: These are nothing special, they can be used to do anything need such as hunting.
  • Small Game Arrows: These arrows can be crafted by the player. They do less damage so they are best used on animals like the badger.
  • Poison Arrow: These arrows are also craftable by coating standard arrows in poison. They do lots of damage and one well placed shot will kill any animal. They do not damage pelts making them very effective for hunting larger animals.
  • Fire Arrow: Another craftable arrow. They can set anything flamable on fire. They are effective against personnel but should not be used against animals, as they damage pelts.
  • Dynamite Arrow: These are the most dangerous type of craftable arrows. They are made with a light stick of dynamite, and are very deadly. They should never be used against animals that aren’t legendary, but are very effective against caravans and other groups of enemies.

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