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Your Ultimate Guide to Playing the Diablo 3 Whirlwind Build

You’ve almost powered through a boss when suddenly, they summon a large group of adds that overpower you. This is the most annoying part of any video game experience. In Diablo 3 you can take care of all these adds if you start as a barbarian.

One of the most popular builds with a barbarian is the whirlwind build. It allows you to sweep the field and take care of any pesky enemies that may be in your path.

To help you get started with clearing the field, here is everything you need to know about the Diablo 3 whirlwind build.

1. About the Class

Before we get into the build, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the class. They are best used for close quarters combat against several enemies. By going with this class, you get your choice of weapons from swords to axes.

You’ll be using quick weapon swings to take out enemies before they can overwhelm you. For bigger enemies, you can knock them off guard with ground slams.   

2. Pros of Being a Whirlwind Barbarian

There are many pros of building a whirlwind barbarian. One of the most obvious ones is cycloning straight through large mobs of enemies. Again, you’ll have your choice of weapons for this build.

The only one you don’t really get to have is throwing weapons. None of the skills you’ll get have synergies so you can sort of invest points in whatever you want after you max out your primary skills. Not only will you be able to tear through adds but bosses should be a cakewalk as well. 

If normal is too easy for you, this build should carry you through nightmare difficulty

3. Cons of Being a Whirlwind Barbarian 

Nothing is perfect. There are cons to going with this build as well. You can’t keep this skill going all the time unless you have gear with mana leech.

If you’re using other skills such as last wish, it may not trigger while you’re using whirlwind. There is a glitch that will cause you to spin at enemies out of control. This can make you miss enemies and it could even get you killed. 

4. Main Skills You’ll Need

If you’ve decided that this is the build for you then you’re going to want to start maxing out your skills right away. The skills you’re going to want to dump all the points in are whirlwind, ignore pain, threatening shout, war cry, wrath of the berserker, and battle rage. 


It goes without saying that you’ll need to pump points into whirlwind considering it’s the name of the build. You’ll deliver multiple weapon attacks to everything around you for a total of 340 weapon damage.  

Ignore Pain

If you’re worried about making yourself vulnerable with all that spinning, ignore pain will give you a little peace of mind. It allows you to reduce all the damage you take by 50 percent. It also grants you immunity from all control impairing effects. 

Threatening Shout

Threating shout is another ability that allows you to take less damage. You’ll let out a roaring shout which will reduce damage inflicted by enemies as long as they are at least 25 yards away. This effect will last for 15 seconds. 

War Cry

War Cry is an ability that will help out yourself and your comrades. Whenever you use it, you’ll add an armor buff to yourself and your allies.

For it to take effect, they must be within 100 yards to you. This 20% buff will last for 120 seconds. 

Wrath of the Berserker 

Using Wrath of the Berserker will throw you into a berserker rage which will increase several of your stats. These stats are 

  • Critical Hit Chance: 10%
  • Dodge Chance: 20%
  • Attack Speed: 25%
  • Movement Speed: 20% 

This stat buff only lasts for around 20 seconds, so make sure you use your time wisely. 

Battle Rage 

This skill puts you in a rage mode that makes your attacks hit 10% harder. It also ups your critical hit chance by 3%. This buff lasts for 120 seconds. 

5. Runes

Everyone loves to do even more damage. There are a couple of runes that you can use to enhance your stats and abilities. 

Dust Devils

Dust Devils creates a huge tornado per tick as you spin around under the influence of whirlwind. The tornado will move up to 60 yards in the same direction and deal 120 points of extra damage to the enemies in its warpath. 


Hurricane changes the damage type of whirlwind to cold. It will also pull one enemy to you at random as long as they are 35 feet away from you. Hurricane doesn’t have an effect on enemies that happen to be immune to knockback. 

Blood Funnel

If you start to get a little low on health then blood funnel can help you out. It critical hits and restores 1% of your total life count.  

Wind Shear

Wind Shear changes your damage type to lightning. Each time you hit an enemy you gain 1 fury per tick. 

Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic Eruption changes the damage type to fire. When you use this, your damage output will increase to 400 per tick.  

6. Weapons

The next thing we’re going to go over is what gear you need to bring out the best in this build. Your two main weapons are going to be Bul-Katho’s Solemn Vow and Bul-Katho’s Warrior Blood. 

Both of these weapons will give you a boost to strength and holy damage. When you’re using whirlwind you get a 45% bonus to your attack and movement speed. Your fury will also increase by 15. 

7. Armor

As far as armor goes, you’re going to be looking for Helm of the Wastes, Pauldrons of the Wastes, Gauntlets of the Wastes, Curiass of the Wastes, Tasset of the Wastes, and Sabaton of the Wastes.  All of these will increase the amount of damage you put out when you’re using whirlwind.

It’s important to note that none of these armors drop unless you are level 70 and you are on torment difficulty. 

You will need accessories to go with that armor. You’re going to want Pride of Cassius as your belt. It increases your resistance to all elements and ups your strength.

It also extends the time for Ignore Pain by 5 seconds. Ancient Parthan Defender Bracers will decrease the damage you take by 9% for each stunned enemy. They increase your strength, intelligence, and dexterity.

You’ll want to pick up the Hellfire amulet of strength. All it really does is up your intelligence and random magic properties but it’s still good. You’ll want to put the Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac in your first ring spot.

It will increase your attack speed, reduce the cooldown time of your skills, and give you a larger critical hit chance. 

You can put the Convention of Elements in your second ring slot. It will increase your critical hit chance and you’ll put out more elemental damage.

If you find yourself always running out of mana you can replace one of these items with something like Manald Heal or Crescent Moon. 

8. Whirlwind Barbarian Stats

Builds for any game is all about knowing where to put your stats. If you mess this up then your whirlwind barbarian won’t play as a whirlwind barbarian. 


Strength is going to be one of your main stats. You should pump as many points in it as your end game gear needs you to. 


As far as dexterity goes, it all depends if you want to use a shield or not. If you use one, you’ll have to put in enough points to give you max block. If you decide not to use it then, just give yourself enough points to satisfy your end game gear requirements. 


A common trait of tanks is to have a bunch of life so you should put the majority of your points in your vitality stat. A large life pool is a common trait for barbarians and you’re going to thank us later when you’ve got enough health to handle large hoards of enemies. 


Whirlwind uses a ton of mana and yet, despite this many people choose to keep energy at the base stat level. This is because you can pump your mana up by using mana leech accessories, skills, and items instead.   

How to Build a Killer Barbarian with the Diablo 3 Whirlwind Build  

The Diablo 3 Whirlwind build for Barbarians is probably the most popular build for the class. It incorporates a powerful spin attack that can help you mow down huge hoards of enemies at once. 

It’s also not too hard to build if you use the tips that we’ve shared with you in this article. Fight your way through Diablo 3 with ease. 

Is Diablo not really your game? Contact us to tell us about another game you would like for us to cover. 

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