Why Terraria is the Best Game Ever

Terraria is the best game ever. Many users are even claiming that it is even the best survival game. It is a 2D sandbox game with the genre of survival and adventure. The gameplay calls for exploring a randomly made world along with building structures as well as farming resources for these structures and also building equipment and weapons. This is a survival game from the heart but has a sandbox base.


Here are some specs of the game:

  1. It can co-op up to 8 players online and LAN as well.
  2. The controller support is android (MOGA/ HID) and steam (full).
  3. The genre is 2d platformer and Minecraft-like002E
  4. The game can be played on multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, Xbox One/360, PlayStation 3 and 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch.

Qualities of Terraria:

Here are some features and qualities of Terraria that you will not find in other games:

  1. Crafting system:

Terraria is based on an extensive crafting system, which means that the majority item of Terraria is used to make other items which require specific crafting stations. This is the means of character advancement because in Terraria the gear you have to define everything about your character.

  • Multiplayer:

Terraria can co-op with up to 8 players who can join the wonderful Terraria world, which also includes the worlds used in single player mode. This multiplayer ability of Terraria enables large co-op or playing PvP games for those who are interested in it that means you have the choice of playing the way you want. You can build something huge together or damage other person’s base.

  • Retro-platformer style:

Terraria does not provide a deliberate feel of suspense, instead, it uses arcade action and bright palettes to provide you with an exciting and fun experience and not only having survival elements. When these elements unfold one after another, the contrast makes it even more shocking and exciting.

  • Large community:

The best thing about Terraria is that it has a huge community of players spread on different platforms like mobile, console and desktop. Due to this reason, you can play on many servers and also enjoy tutorials. This will enable you to find content or help when getting started.

  • Intriguing world:

The contrast of Terraria is very bright and the upbeat soundtrack ease or indulge you into its world. Similarly, Skyrim has an extensive world worth exploring. There are so many impactful things that you will explore in Terraria, like the blood moon raising the dead from their graves, dark and vast cave systems, goblin armies destroying everything, odd creatures and a number of dangers.

  • For all ages:

Terraria will teach you critical thinking and creative skills. This is great for all ages of people especially those who love to discover new ways to tackle issues. This game is a great objectives game where you can do whatever you want which leads to less stress because the player can play at any pace he likes.

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