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Why Pyromancer is the Best Class in Dark Souls 3

Are you an avid Dark Souls fan? A beginner looking for the best Dark Souls class to play?

There are several Dark Souls classes to choose from, with some completely dominating others. It’s no surprise that people are interested in finding out what the best class to use is.

The Pyromancer class is a very versatile class that can be used by pros and beginners, and it offers quite a bit of utility to suit different playstyles.

Continue reading this guide to learn about why Pyromancer is the best, and what you can do to use it effectively.

What is Pyromancy?

Pyromancy has a long history in the Souls series, going all the way back to Dark Souls 1.

The first Pyromancer was a woman named Quelana, one of several children of the Witch of Izalith. The Witch of Izalith is the reasons why there are demons in the world because she attempted to remake the First Flame and failed. 

When the Witch of Izalith was attempting to control the flame, it eventually burst out into a large fire that started spreading throughout the city and turning inhabitants into demons.

Quelana managed to escape the fire when it grew unstable, and she eventually came across a man named Salaman. She would then teach Salaman to manipulate fire, making them amongst the first Pyromancers in the world.

In Dark Souls 3, Pyromancy consists of using spells that deal fire damage and spells that buff the user and others. There are also some spells that can deal poison damage and manipulate others.

Pyromancy Spells

There are a plethora of spells that can be acquired within Dark Souls 3:

  • Fireball – A fire projectile that is thrown at enemies
  • Fire Orb – A larger version of Fireball’.
  • Bursting Fireball – A fire projectile that splits into smaller projectiles when thrown.
  • Great Chaos Fireorb – Similar to ‘Fire Orb’ but leaves a pool of lava on the ground that can stun enemies upon impact.
  • Chaos Bed Vestiges – A large fire projectile that is thrown at enemies and deals AOE damage.
  • Fire Surge – A low-damage spell that emits a stream of fire in the direction the player chooses.
  • Fire Whip – Similar to ‘Fire Surge’ but the player is locked in a forward-facing animation.
  • Firestorm – Launches flame pillars from the ground around the user.
  • Chaos Storm – Similar to ‘Firestorm’ but leaves flames on the ground that last after the pillars disappear.
  • Great Combustion – Disperses a small burst of fire from the user’s hand.
  • Sacred Flame – Allows the user to grab an enemy and slowly burn them, then launch them forward with a burst of lava.
  • Profaned Flame – Creates a small explosion of fire at a distance.
  • Poison Mist – Creates a cloud of mist that deals poison damage.
  • Toxic Mist – A stronger version of ‘Poison Mist’.
  • Acid Surge – Creates a foggy cloud of acid that can break weapons and armor. It can also be used to evade enemies.
  • Flash Sweat – Increases resistance to fire damage.
  • Profuse Sweat – Increases resistance to bleeding, poison, frost damage, and curses.
  • Iron Flesh – Increases overall resistance while adding weight to the user.
  • Power Within – Boosts the attack of the user while slowly draining their health.
  • Carthus Beacon – Allows the user to deal more damage over time with attacks.
  • Carthus Flame Arc – Imbues the user’s weapon with flames that allows it to deal fire damage.
  • Warmth – Creates an orb that can heal the user and allies when touched.
  • Rapport – Turns enemies into allies for a short period of time.
  • Boulder Heave – Launches a rock projectile from the user’s mouth.
  • Black Flame – Similar to ‘Great Combustion’ but deals dark damage.
  • Black Fire Orb – Similar to ‘Fire Orb’ but deals dark damage.
  • Black Serpent – A spell that casts a stream of black fire on the ground that can travel over objects to reach the target. Deals dark damage.

All of the spells listed are Pyromancy spells. They allow for players to create a mixture of combos and playstyles to play the way that they want, making it the best class in Dark Souls for versatility.

This is great for PvPers because it gives them a variety of options to choose from in order to beat their opponents. Certain spells are often buffed and nerfed with each patch, so having a variety allows Pyromancy to remain a viable option.

Pyromancer is the best class Dark Souls has to offer beginners because it gives them a chance to learn how to play the game. With Pyromancy, they can stay at a safe distance to kill enemies.

Rings to Use

Within Dark Souls 3 is a ton of items that can boost the user’s health and stamina, increase damage resistance, and increase the damage output of abilities. 

There are several rings that can be found that are specifically useful to Pyromancers and will vastly improve their experience:

  • Great Swamp Ring – This ring increases the damage of all Pyromancy spells by 12%. It is automatically given to those with the Pyromancer class.
  • Witch’s Ring – Just like the ‘Great Swamp Ring,’ this ring increases the damage of Pyromancy spells by 25%. Another bonus is that the damage boost can stack with the ‘Great Swamp Ring,’ totaling at a 37% boost.
  • Sage Ring – Increases the Dexterity of the user, which makes spellcasting a lot faster. 
  • Darkmoon Ring – Gives the user 2 additional Attunement slots which can be used to hold carry an extra spell.
  • Fire Clutch Ring – Increases the damage of fire attacks by 15% while also increasing physical damage taken by 10%. This ring can also be stacked with others.

Recommended Stats and Weapons

Because Pyromancy scales with Intelligence and Faith, it’s important to level those two stats up to 40 in order to have the maximum damage possible.

It should also be noted that the base game only has 2 weapons that can be used to cast Pyromancy spells: Pyromancy Flame and White Hair Talisman.

Both of them are equipped with only one hand. This allows the user to equip another weapon in the opposite hand. It’s recommended to use something that requires low Dexterity and Strength such as long swords.

The Best Dark Souls Class

With the 27 Pyromancy spells that the base game offers, there’s a number of options for all kinds of players. The Pyromancer class is the best Dark Souls class for beginners and people that enjoy magic.

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