Top 5 Survival Games you should play

Survival games have a unique excitement that other games do not have. Fighting for the struggle to live is like a part of our lives and coded in our DNA that is why survival games are so popular. Survival games make players to find creative solutions by providing them with tough problems and testing their limits. This is a very popular genre, but different games provide its own experiences that are incomparable to one another. Here is the list of the best survival experiences whether the game is placed among the stars, underground or other complex situations that are filled with monsters, aliens, zombies, mutants and others. Here is our list of top 5 survival games:


This is a colony management simulation game, in this survival game you will see a colony of random people that are stranded on an alien planet. Keeping the colonists sane and healthy as well as dealing with disasters that the game has to offer. The main purpose is survival. The disasters can include anything from alien attacks to disease outbreak and weather events. The toughest challenge is to make your colonists get along with one another because each one of them has a different personality, moods and desires.

2. Raft:

In this survival game, you have to survive on a raft while making it into a floating fortress. It seems very amazing to float through the world on a raft while building and expanding it as you go along. The problems are the sharks which are extremely hungry to eat you in one bite or if you survive from the hungry sharks then they will definitely attack your little floating fortress. You need to find fresh water and food while keeping your raft safe and grow. You can play this survival game with a friend and double the fun of survival.

3. State of Decay 2:

You will witness a zombie apocalypse while controlling a group of survivors. This game is not played as a person but as a community of many people. As you survive from the zombies, you search for not only water, food or weapons but also for characters that have specific skills, personality and quirks. You can share the game with partners that can be a drop in and out also.

4. Scum:

In this game, prisoners are set free on a deadly island and have to fight for their own lives. It has got pure survival features and has a lot of data about what should be eaten or drink described in minerals and vitamins. The game makes a track of the character’s heart rate, body weight and even the number of teeth it has.

5. Frostpunk:

The game calls for crisis management and city building in a frozen world. With some hungry, cold and unhappy people you have to build a working city in the snow-filled crater which is heated by only a big coal furnace. You have to gather resources, search for food and give the citizen a hope for the future.

We hope you enjoyed our short list of our favorite survival games. If you would like to see a more complete list, you should check out our Top 10 Survival Games of 2018.

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