Tips to become a master in PUBG Battle Royale

Anything you do can be epic but a PUBG Corp can do it better. This is what the players of PUBG mobile claim. It was introduced after Fortnite and unexpectedly became famous quickly. The biggest attraction of the game is that PUBG mobile version is available which makes it more exciting. You can start playing the game anywhere you want.However, you might find it a little rough around the edges but without much issues, you will surely enjoy playing the game. There are various newcomers who are unable to win the game. Here are some interesting tips that will surely help you out.

Carefully select where you want to land

One of the biggest mistakes that players make while paying PUBG is that they will land anywhere. Remember the golden rule of the game that once you are dead, you are out of the game. That is why if you want to survive it is better that you wisely select your location where you would like to land.

  1. Aim for the best spots in the map and assure that you avoid as many other players as possible
  2. There are some special areas in the game where you can get access to the best weapons like power plants, military base and major towns. However, remember that if you land here you will have to face many players.
  3. Make sure that you stay away from the swarms once you are out of the cargo plane.

Look before you shoot

Once you hit the ground your first priority is to collect the weapons to assure that you can fight against your enemies. Everyone will scatter around, make sure that you find the best weapons as soon as possible. After that, you have to shoot only when you are inclose proximity to your enemy. Remember that if you are not close to your enemy you might blow your cover and it will give others a chance to kill you. Before you can get killed it is better that you kill others but only when the chances of killed them are higher. It might take a few tries until you will learn to shoot properly. Remember that deciding when to hide and shoot requires proper balance and attention.

Keep your eyes on the map

One of the most important things you have to know is keeping an eye on your map. Remember that if you will not pay attention to your map you will not be able to know when your safe circle is shrinking is. Remember that safe circle is the only place where you can survive longer. If you are out of the circle you will not be able to survive for a longtime. That is why you have to learn all the places where the safe circle is commonly located so you will not miss it.

Get your wheels

Most people like to stay on their feet. However, you should know that wheels are always better. That is why it is always better to get a vehicle that suits our style because you can get away from the enemy in speed. Also, learn to shoot from your vehicle.

Once you will consider these PUBG hacks you will surely last longer. It will increase your chance of winning. If you enjoy PUBG, you should check out other games, such as Dark Souls.

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