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The Roze Skin’s Nerf In Warzone May Make It Less Overpowered

If you are a part of the Call of Duty community, you have most likely heard by now that the Roze is one of the most hated items in Warzone. The skin, which is a variant of the Rook operator, has come to be considered the main choice for try-hards and sweats. There is much more to hate about this skin than just who it is associated with though.

The biggest reason why the Roze skin is so bad in Warzone is because it gives you an advantage over other players. It doesn’t do anything crazy, like make your bullets do more damage or make your aim better, but it does give you a slight advantage in some gun fights. This is because the Roze skin, more than any other skin, is almost entirely black. Along with this, it is visually smaller than most skins, as the suit it is wearing is skin tight and has almost no accessories. This makes it so that when someone with the Roze skin is in a dark area, it is very difficult to see them, which can allow the player not only to get a jump on their enemy, but it also makes it hard for the enemy to locate the player once they realize they are being shot.

This is a problem especially in Warzone due to the high rate of camping and the relatively dark map. Wearing the Roze skin does not give much of an advantage when you play most game modes, as fewer people camp and the maps tend to be much brighter. But when most of Warzone’s gunfights take place indoors and often involve one team camping in a dark corner, it is easy to see why the Roze skin can be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

On top of this, not everyone has the skin. While everyone can have the Rook Operator just by playing the game, you need to buy a bundle in the shop in order to unlock the Roze variant. This effectively makes Warzone, which is a free game, pay to win, and no one wants to be forced to pay to be on a level playing field. Luckily, Activision took it upon themselves to nerf it.

As you can see in The Xclusive Ace’s video, he demonstrates how for season 4 of Warzone, the Roze skin now has almost a glowing effect when it is in a dark area. This effectively removes all possible advantages that you could have with this skin as you are now more visible in the dark than most other skins. Additionally, the map is now brighter in most dark areas, making it easier to see enemies in general. Both of these can be seen in the comparison shot above. This is overall very good for Warzone as it is makes it less advantageous to camp, and will encourage people to engage in gunfights more often.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the Roze skin and its nerf. Make sure to check out the rest of our website for more articles, and dont forget to check out The Xclusive Ace on Youtube.

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