The Darkest Woods

The Darkest Woods Hints

As many who have played it know, The Darkest Woods is a very difficult game to complete. It can easily take half an hour just to figure out the next move when stuck. Especially at the end of the game when your tools are scarce and fit into very minute details in the game, it can be incredibly difficult get out of a tricky situation when you are caught in one.

Luckily, the creators of the game, TeamSupport, was kind enough to give those who play the game five hints. Coming straight from the developers, the hints are:

  1. A bullet can save you or trap you, use it wisely
  2. If you’re confused about the story, maybe you can find an answer in a chest
  3. Your actions may lead you to a dead end
  4. Don’t forget to save, there is no autosave (old times!)
  5. Don’t be afraid to start over again

Now, these hints may seem pretty vague and not helpful, but do not worry, we will help bring across their full meaning.

If you do not want any more than this, do not read on!

The first hint is applicable in multiple situations, as after you get the gun, you will receive two bullets, and shoot the gun twice. When it say a bullet can save you, it means that in the two times when you use the gun, if you had not used the gun, you would have died, However, when it says it can trap you, it means that if you use the gun in the wrong situation, when you could have used something else like an axe or a crucifix, then you will simply make the game impossible to finish, as the axe and crucifix do not work under the situations which require the gun. We will not spoil which situations require the gun, but if you wish to find out, check out our walkthrough.

The second hint is actually both a hint and a trick. In the first part of the game, there is a locked chest by a well which has two combination locks keeping it shut. While this hint makes it seem as though you need to find the codes which unlock the locks to get into that chest to advance the story, in reality, it has nothing to do with it. That chest is simply a dud made only to distract you from how to actually advance in the story. In reality, the hint is relevant later in the game when you are inside the mansion. Eventually, you will need to find a chest in one of the rooms which will have both a tape and an item which is essential in your survival. While the item is more important to your survival, the tape can be just as important in helping you to make your next move. This is where the, “You may be able to find an answer in a chest,”  comes from.

The third hint may be considered the least helpful by some people. This simply is due to how obvious it seems. However, it is often overlooked how not every action you do will help you. Some, such as shooting the bullet at the wrong time, can actually lead to a necessary restart, or at least going back to your last save. While that is just one example, there are many other situations which can and possibly will lead you to a dead end, even one where you would be forced to restart. For more on all of the situations which could lead to forcing a restart due to a dead end, visit our walkthrough.

Again, the fourth tip may not be considered that helpful. Why would I need to be reminded of this? Can’t they just say it in the game? Or even just add auto save? Well unfortunately, just like many school projects on an old Microsoft Word, autosave is not an option, and not saving could waste loads of time, especially in a game which one bad move could cost a restart. Just to emphasize it, REMEMBER TO AUTOSAVE.

The fifth tip is again something which seems as though it cannot be that helpful. But, it is actually incredibly overlooked, and could end up saving a lot of time. If you have spent an hour trying to get past a certain part, the reason that you may be stuck is because you lead yourself into a dead end which you cannot back out of. We recommend that you get back to two moves before where you were. After this, reevaluate every move which you could possibly do. You should be able to find a better move which will not get you stuck.

We hope the explanation of these tips helped. Remember these, and you should have no problem going through the game.

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