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The Darkest Woods 2: Act 2 Forgotten Case Walkthrough

This act starts with you in the car. You are no longer the patient in the hospital, but instead are now Detective Dean Brady. Here we learn it is June of 1990, as Brady is using a recorder to make an audio record of how someone went missing in the woods. He talks about how terrifying the woods were, filled with screams and strange symbols. His partner Jared went into the woods deeper to follow the screams while he went back to call for backup. It was at this point that he was unable to find his partner. Even after five days of searching for Jared with the backup, all they could find was a shed and an abandoned house. Brady then talks about how he saw Jared in a dream.

You come across a terrible accident.

Get out of the car

Come to the trunk

Open the trunk and tap on the trash on the right to reveal a crowbar. Pick up the crowbar and back away from the trunk

Use the crowbar to smash the window of the car

Look in the car

The car seems seriously damaged. You see something pass by through the window while looking in the car.

Take the wire out of the seat

Back up from the car

Use the wire to pick the lock on the trunk of the flipped car.

A small book drops out with the name Norman Alman on it.

Pick up the book

Get back in the car

Start the car using the key that is already in the ignition

Once you try to start the car, a figure is going to appear in front of it. A bunch of buttons will also appear in front of you saying “Run.” If you do not press the run buttons fast enough, then the figure will kill you. If you do, then you have passed this act.

End of Act 2

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