Darkest Woods 2

The Darkest Woods 2: Act 1 Painful Response Walkthrough

Team Support is back at it again with their new Indie Horror game The Darkest Woods 2. Just like the first game, you are forced to navigate your way out of a paranormal situation, with the game focusing more on story than graphics and action. Don’t forget to watch out for the occasional jump scares though!

Unlike the first game, The Darkest Woods 2 is played through two characters, a detective, and a man trying to escape a hospital. The first part sets you in the hospital, where you wake up remembering the events of the previous game. We hope this walkthrough helps you.

Act.1 Walkthough

You wake up in a hospital with a man in a doctors coat standing over you, he asks you a question.

Click either response

He responds telling you he has a head injury, but gives you a scare and you pass out.

You wake back up and the doctor has disappeared. You should examine your surroundings.

Click on the table to your right

You found a paper clip that can be used to pick locks. The door is locked at the moment.

Use the paper clip to pick the lock

Go to the hall

You enter the cramped hall and no one seems to be there. You have to search around.

Click on all of the doors, the elevator, and the nurses station

Go to the nurses station

There’s a clipboard on the nurses station saying the patient in 203 has lost her ring.

Look behind the nurses station

There is a suspicious looking doll on the counter, along with a post card of victory day. There is a combination safe beneath the counter.

Type “1945” into the safe

The safe opens and there is a ring.

Pick up the ring

Pull back from the station

Go back to the hall

Go to room 203

The whole room is graffitied. You get a strange feeling from it. All of the sudden, a plate gets pushed out from under the bed.

Put the ring on the plate

The plate goes back under the bed and comes out with a key.

Pick up the key

The plate goes back beneath the bed.

Leave the Room

Go to the Entryway

Use the Key on the Door

Go to the Stairs

The first floor is disgusting. There is blood all over and a dead body in the corner. The marks seem to warn about something. Your headache is getting worse and you pass out. 

End of Act One

Click here if you would like to visit the walkthrough for Act 2 Forgotten Case.

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