The Complete Guide to Weapons in Impact Point

One of the most exciting new games right now is Impact Point. The top down, 2D shooter puts you into an arena with 1-3 other players and faces you off until one person is left standing at the end of each round. With many different maps and character customizations, we can definitely see this game becoming one of the most multiplayer games on Steam. There are a lot of things you should know if you want to be good at the game, but one of the most important is how each weapon performs. This article will take you through each aspect of every weapon and help you understand which ones work best in which scenarios.


Like other shooters such as Call of Duty, the sniper is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It is the only gun in that does 100% damage to enemy players, meaning that it is a one shot kill. As a result, the sniper will win almost every 1v1 when used by a skilled player. This is not to say that it does not have draw backs though. Since it is so powerful, the sniper is also the slowest shooting weapon in the game. While this may not seem like much of a problem normally, when there is a bullet proof vest involved, the sniper becomes way less effective. This is because the vest will absorb any bullet’s damage fully, no matter how much damage is being dealt, so the sniper would need to land two shots, which gives the opponent way more time to kill you. Additionally, the sniper makes you move the slowest when equipped, making you easier to kill. So the sniper is best used when you are facing off against a player with no vest.


The knife is the only weapon in the game that allows you to move as quickly as you do without a weapon equipped. Because the knife is a melee weapon, you do not have to worry about ammo for it. One of the great things about the knife is that it does 100% damage. This can make it good for close quarters, but you should avoid using it when the other player has a bullet proof vest. It can be especially effective against players with slower moving guns, but can be vulnerable to guns that allow players to move quickly. So you should base whether or not you use the knife on what your opponents are using, as well as whether or not you have a vest on. For example, if have a vest and your opponent has a sniper, this is a great weapon, but if you don’t and the opponent has an assault rifle, it likely won’t work as well.

Assault Rifle

The assault rifle is one of the best choices as a gun for multiple reasons. It does 50% damage, which may not seem like a lot compared to the knife or sniper, but it has a faster rate of fire, which can be great for taking out opponents with a vest on. It is a great middle ground between weapons with high damage and low damage, and with 30 bullets, it has the potential to last you a whole round, even if you have to fight all three other people. One thing that you should consider though is that it does have a relatively slow movement rate compared to other weapons that do similar levels of damage, so it may leave you a sitting duck if there is no cover available. Overall though, this is one of the best guns in the game, regardless of the situation you are in.


Like the assault rifle, the crossbow is a two shot kill to a player with no vest. While the crossbow allows players to move more quickly than the assault rifle does, it shoots more slowly, which means that it is not as good in open area fights, but can be deadly if you properly utilize cover. It comes with 20 bolts, which is less than the assault rifle, but still more than enough to last a whole round. Overall, the crossbow is a solid weapon, especially if you are a more experienced player, but you should think twice about using it in maps where it is hard to get any cover.


The shotgun does the same amount of damage that the crossbow and assault rifle do. It allows you to move a little faster than the rifle, but slower than the crossbow. Likewise, it shoots faster than the crossbow, but slower than the rifle. The shotgun comes with 12 rounds of ammo, which should be plenty for one gun fight, but doing multiple with the same gun means you may run into some issues. Overall, it plays very similarly to the crossbow, besides the fact that you have to worry about running out of munitions. While shotgun, crossbow, and assault rifle are all similar, and which one you use is up to personal preference, in general, the shotgun is the worst of the three weapons doing 50% damage.


One of the best weapons in the game, the MP5K is incredibly versatile, and has the potential to beat any other gun if the player is skilled enough. It does 33.3% damage, meaning that it is a three shot kill. It does very well against players with vests due to its high rate of fire. Like the assault rifle, this weapon comes with 30 rounds of ammunition. Additionally, the MP5K is one of the faster guns in the game, which can make you very effective at ducking in and out of cover, and also making you harder to hit for your opponents. The one draw back is that it does generally have a slower time to kill than some of the other more powerful guns, so if you have already been shot once or twice by opponents, it can be risky to use it since you are hoping to land three shots while the enemy lands none.


Like the MP5k, it does about 33.3% damage, making it a three shot kill. Unlike the MP5K, it is not a submachine gun. This means that it has a much slower rate of fire, but you can move very quickly while you have it equipped. The pistol is one of the guns that you should likely avoid using. While it does have the fastest movement speed of any gun, it has a time to kill that loses to every other gun in the game, making you a vulnerable target if your opponent has good aim. In general, the only time you should choose this gun is if the only other weapons available to you are melee weapons.


Like the sniper rifle, the mini-gun makes your player movement speed decrease significantly. Like the MP5K, it has an incredibly fast rate of fire. Paired with a bullet proof vest, this weapon is incredibly powerful against slower shooting weapons. It has 50 rounds of ammo, but that can go by really quickly if you fight more than one opponent. Additionally, the mini-gun is the least accurate gun in the game, which is indicated by the size of the cursor when shooting. This is not to say that the mini-gun is a bad choice though. Against bullet proof vests, it is one of the best weapons in the game due to its high rate of fire. If you both you and your opponent have already been hit though, it may be better to choose a weapon that does more damage. One other thing that you should note before using this is that it is hard to duck in and out of cover with the mini-gun, so you are going to have to rely on your aim much more than your agility if you plan to use this weapon.


The chainsaw is the weapon that you should always avoid. There is almost no advantage to using it at all. It is a melee weapon, but it is far inferior to the knife in every way. Not only do you move more slowly, it also is not a one shot kill. In fact, it only does 25% damage with each strike, though it does strike your opponents very quickly. Some would say that this makes the chainsaw better at beating vests than the knife, but if your opponent has a vest then you are not likely to kill them with a melee weapon anyway. Some may say that this weapon is really powerful in close quarters, which may be true, but if the enemy sees that you have a chain saw, they can very easily maneuver themselves away from any situation which would get them killed by you. Overall, this is the worst weapon in the game.

We hope this guide helped you get a better understanding of all of the weapons in Impact Point. Now, you can go on to win more games with your heightened knowledge. If you liked this article, make sure to check out the rest of our website.

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