The Complete Animal Taming Guide in Keplerth

One of the most intriguing new games right now is Keplerth. This 2D sandbox game drops you into a world without food or shelter and forces you to learn how to survive. Throughout your time playing, you’ll come across many different challenges, such as having to protect yourself from monsters, or finding a good way to get around. One of the best ways to do both of these is by learning how to tame pets.

In order to tame pets, a pet collar is needed. There are two ways that you can get a collar: looting goblins and crafting one. When looting goblins, sometimes you will be able to acquire a collar. But this is not a reliable source of collars, so you will most likely have to craft one using the goblin workbench.

To get a goblin work bench, you are first going to have to slay the Goblin King. Once you have done that, teleport to Schip’s lab, and you will be able to create it with the work bench there. Once you have the goblin work bench, you will need five bones, four leather, and two wool. This is enough to create one collar, but you should always make more than one if you plan on getting a pet. Every animal has a chance of not being tamed if you use a collar on it, meaning that you may need more than one.

Most animals in the game are tamable, but that doesn’t mean you should tame all of them. Some animals you are not able to mount, and others do not have any use in combat, meaning that you would just be wasting collars on them if you intend to tame animals for those purposes.

One interesting thing about taming is that you can tame as many animals as you want. However, you can only have one animal follow you as a pet at one time. You can have two animals at once with you though, as long as you are mounted on the second animal.

Once you have two of the same kind of animal tamed, you can begin to breed them. Unfortunately, breeding does not allow the offspring to carry over any of the traits of their parents. So if you are looking to create a super pet by breeding your two best animals, just know that you are out of luck.

Tamed animals can also be leveled up. When you level them up, it is based on their level 1 values. This means that an animal that has a better level 1 starting value for a stat will also see better increases in its stats when it is leveled up, so keep that in mind when putting resources into your pets.

We hope this guide helped you better understand how to tame and what to do with your tamed animals in Keplerth. If you would like to check out the rest of our website, click here.

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