The 7 Greatest Indie Games of all Time

There are more than 1107 indie games on Steam worldwide. Indie games have ascended from hobbies to business for those with great game ideas.

Indie web games developers are every day willing to bet on unique and creative ideas. The strategy has aided develop a unique and wide variety of games.

If gaming captures your attention, then you need to explore the indie game world. Indie games immerse you into a world of artwork and creativity.

Try the seven best indie games of all time to share the experience of a unique adventure.

1. Fez

Fez is a marvel of 2D game design. It’s a puzzle platform that sucks you in the appealing atmosphere.
Development of Fez took around five years before publishing. With all this time to design a single game, it gives you an idea of the significant attention accorded to the game.

What inspired Phil Fish?

Phil Fish is the brain behind Fez. The idea was to create an ample setting in the living room to play the game for a long time. The objective was to create a fully immersive environment for the player.

With all this in mind, you must be wondering what makes the game the best indie game of all time.

  • The turbulence and despair in the game’s development are unique and hard to find in other games.
  • Great sounds take you to another world.
  • The game is a clear reflection of the indie games atmosphere of pixels and bricks.
  • The signature of open blue sky creates a feel-good experience
  • The structure of the game is unique and mind engaging. The game challenges you to collect scattered cubes around the world using your exceptional intelligence.
  • Fez has a five-star review.

If for a moment you wish to get lost in a world of self-distracting puzzles, then Fez is the game for you.

2. Papers Please

Papers Please is among the best indie games in history.

The game ranks as the first paper simulator ever. Besides, in 2012 Forbes accorded the game a top Indie game position. With all this credit, there must be something enticing about the game.

So, what does the game involve?

The game begins with inspector reading your news bulletin and notes before kick-off. The player assumes the role of an inspector at an immigration’s checkpoint.  You have to review all the documents for each immigrant to ensure everything is in order.

At the booth center, there are several clients you need to attend. You, therefore need quality attention not to miss out on unique aspects of the game.

What is so special about the game?

  • The game puts your level of sympathy to test.
  • New challenges as you progress. Each day the game gets more difficult. New policies and conditions upgrade to test your intelligence. Who doesn’t love a challenge?
  • The game tests your attention to details. Analysis of information like ticket numbers, permits, dates, and names is essential.

The game inspirations are from real life experiences of the developer. Lucas Pope’s game Papers Please shares his experiences of traveling abroad.

Try the game to have a share immigration encounter and gain immersion in a new world.

3. Her Story

If you think you know everything about the game industry, you’re wrong. Her Story indie game has a new level share of experiences.

Wondering what is so enticing about the game?

In the game, you’re to find a missing person. By trawling in the police interrogation footage, you’re to build a map of movements for the missing person. The game tests your intelligence in analysis of motivations and character of the missing woman.

The game is proof of the power of experimentation that engages new modes of play. It has an off-screen experience where you’ll need a small notebook to make a rational analysis.

If you love investigative and intelligence games, Her Story is worth the try. It’s a classic motion video game with tantalizing fragments.

Below are unique attributes of the game;

  • It takes the format of an interactive movie.
  • It has a well engaging and unique interface.
  • It doesn’t require special computer skills. If you suspect your computer skills to be a little rusty, Her Story overlooks the element.


Do you love horror and violent games? SOMA is your ideal destination. Just like other Indies, SOMA inspirations are from a horror story.  So, what is the story behind SOMA?

The horrific scenario settles deep beneath the ocean waves. There’s no food, the radio is dead, and the machines begin to behave like humans. Under the waters, the situation is hostile and intolerable. It’s at this point that the role of the player becomes relevant.

You are to make tough decisions by delving through the terminals and document. The objective is to get to the root of the problem. The critical struggle is to find the remaining habitats to salvage the situation at the station.

You, however, need to remain careful and on the lookout. Each of the corners lies in danger.

Note: You can’t fight the enemies in the game. You have to outsmart them or get on the run. Your intelligence is put to the test in the game.

So, what makes the game the best in the indie world?

  • A unique horror story. It’s an existential nightmare about personal identity.
  • Mind juggling. The game is full of explorations and puzzle solving.
  • Integration of artificial intelligence. The game has a deep root for science fiction with different conventions of video games.
  • Unique sound and environment. The sounds and the virtual spaces create a full immersion to the horror experience.

5. The Unfinished Swan

This game relates to the experiences of an orphan, Monroe. The adventures of the Unfinished Swan are on the encounters of the orphan boy in the white building.

So, what about the orphan boy?

The game begins with characters in a white building. To reveal the elements of the world, you are to splash paint on the building.  

Monroe has to retain one painting from a set of collection. The collection belongs to Monroe’s mother, who sadly passes away.

One night, Monroe realizes the Swan is missing. The experience of finding the Swan builds excitement and suspense.

The Unfinished Swan has a unique story.  Its narration is in a soothing voice which creates full immersion to the unique and serene journey.

6. Under-tale

This is a true embodiment of the indie video game scenes. Under-tale game popularity in the industry has grown tremendously.

If you love or hate video games, this is the game for you. Confusing, right? Under-tale structure simulates the deconstruction of video games.

The game involves breaking the satire of video games. Under-tale attacks its medium in a human-friendly strategy. The idea of the game is to kill with kindness.

What makes Under-tale the best indie game in the world?

  • It relieves the intentions of video game designers through direct engagement with the player.
  • Endearing characters develop unique relationships with the player. The approach creates an immersion to a new virtual world with new friends.
  • Questions your morality. A player should determine the consequences of killing a character.
  • Stirs up strong emotions, which makes the game so distractive.

Playing under-tale creates memorable experiences. The ability to build a strong connection between the player and characters at the human level is mind-blowing.

Under-tale is a unique source of entertainment you would love to explore.

7. Hollow Knight

Tom Cherry created the game. It’s a 2D Metroidvania, action indie game. The game has very positive steam ratings.

Wondering what the game is about?

It involves the use of skills and reflexes to survive. It requires you to explore the twisting caverns, escape intricate traps, and solve the ancient hidden mystery. In summary, the game requires you to:

  • Explore the interconnected world
  • Share an encounter with a new collection of friends and foes.
  • Evolve with powerful new skills and abilities

What makes the game stand out?

  • The soundtrack is unique for each of the bosses.
  • Inspiring story and lore.
  • Beautiful, unique, and fantastic art-work.
  • It has a strong challenge for survival.

If you’re a fun of original Metroid and Castlevania titles, Hollow Knight is the game for you. Besides, Hollow Knight has an evocative hand-drawn art.

The artistic element makes it live with a moody detail. Each of the new areas in the game is uniquely beautiful and strange.

Explore the joys of discovery through hard-earned and brilliant rich experience with Hollow Knight

Wrap Up – Best Indie Games of All Time

The element that stands out with indie games is the ability to connect with human beings. The games immerse you in real life narratives.

If you’re looking to explore games that blow away your mind, you’re in the right place.

These seven games are the best indie games of all time. Indie games are taking the industry to another level. Their development takes a unique direction worth to watch out.

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