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Saddle up Cowboy: 8 Galloping Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips You Need, Now

How can you be the best Arthur Morgan you can be?

Well, you can shoot all the outlaws and steal their horses, but there are some killer little hacks that can make your life easier.

You already know that you need a good horse and that there are those legendary kill animals. But how do you keep your weapons in the best condition? How do you make sure your horse knows what you’re asking it to do?

Well Partner, don’t worry because we’ve got eight Red Dead Redemption 2 tips that solve both of those problems and six others.

Get them below.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips

Life in the Wild West and on the range was hard. You can go days without food if you’re not careful and your horse can die from the cold. Or from an animal bite, or in battle.

These life hacks can’t save a dying horse, but they can keep you from being desperate and alone.

1. Clean Your Weapons Often

Think about how complex guns are in the modern age. Now think about how complex they were back in Red Dead Redemption times, where you had to manually load powder or each bullet.

If you got some caked up powder or bullet shrapnel stuck in your gun, that could be a reason for it to backfire. That’d be an embarrassing way to die in RDR2.

So to keep your weapons in tip-top condition, you need to clean them regularly. But that takes time and effort. So how can you avoid cleaning them all the time?

It’s pretty simple. Don’t get your weapons wet or muddy. If it’s not a choice, make sure you clean them when you’re out of the deep water (pun intended).

This will keep rust and dirt build up to a minimum.

2. Kill the Legendary Kill Animals

Basically, each type of animal you come upon in the game (except little ones like fish and squirrels) have a legendary. Call it the bigfoot of Buffalo or bears – if you will.

When you kill them, you not only get more supplies, but you get honor and some really cool stuff. They’re important especially early in the game.

When you kill one you’ll get some sort of trinket which gives you a boost of abilities. Once you get all of them, you’re basically leveling up as a character.

3. Sleep a Lot

Okay, this is both a life tip and game tip but when you sleep, things get better.

Not only will your health improve, but so will your horse’s health! That’s right. When you hitch up your horse for the night and get some sleep, they recharge as well.

This will get you far if you don’t have much to feed them and their health is low. Who knew?

4. Do Your Workouts

Just like in real life, working out is good for you in the game as well. When you go rowing, then you’ll gain what is called health XP points.

Having more health XP points means your health levels stay higher longer after you level up. You can row your way to some good fish, which are out and about in deeper waters.

You get XP points and some fish. What’s better than that?

You can also increase your health by drinking Ginseng elixirs which you can get in town. Add this tip in with some good shut-eye from the tip above and both you and your horse will be on your merry way.

5. Use it or Lose It

Remember in history class how you learned that the Native Americans or Native peoples used every part of the animal?

Well if you want to hang on to your honor and your reputation in the game, you should too! If you just go traipsing around killing animals and leaving them for dead, your reputation will suffer.

If you’re going to kill something, take the six seconds it takes to get off your horse and skin it. You can always use the supplies and if you can’t carry anymore – don’t kill the animal!

6. Buy More Satchels (or Make Them)

Speaking of running out of room to carry things, you may find your satchel fills up pretty quickly. You can make your own with a gathering of perfect animal skins.

Or you can buy them from the catalog – it’s your choice.

7. Clean Your Horse!

Just like your weapons, your horse gets dirty along the trail and just prancing around. You need to clean them regularly if you want their health to stay up.

You can clean your horse by riding them or walking them through deep water. You can also buy a horse brush and give them a rub down before you rest them for the night.

But, here’s the secret tip, if you’re on a long ride, you can brush your horse while you’re riding. It gives you both something to do and their health will stay up a little longer on your ride.

8. Get a Shave and a Haircut Post Crime

Did your last crime or killing spree attract a little more attention than you’d have liked? If you’re not planning on fleeing town in the middle of the night, get a quick shave and haircut.

It will give you a little breathing room while you figure out what to do next.

Life Tips and Hacks

Because we want you to succeed in this game, we’ll throw in one more tip to this Red Dead Redemption 2 tips list.

Here it is – if you choose to use beard tonics, you’ll have to use them forever eventually. Your beard builds up a tolerance to itself and won’t grow past level six without them.

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