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Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Elk: What Is it and How to Find It

Red dead redemption 2 made a grand entry into the world of gaming by selling over 10 million copies within three days of its release! It stole the limelight further by being one of the most pre-ordered games on PS4. It also had over 300,000 mentions on social media on its release day.

Eight months later, Red dead redemption 2 is still a giant in the gaming world. This is no surprise as it lives up to the hype through its realistic western themed visuals and action-packed missions. 

If you’re starting, then chances are you’re wondering what the legendary elk is in red dead redemption 2. How you can find it and kill it.  This guide helps you on your journey.

What Is the Legendary Elk in Dead Redemption 2?

By now, you already know that Read dead redemption 2 is a game that revolves around survival-inspired features. In respect to that, players are often required to fish and hunt certain animals so they can progress to the next level.

These animals are divided into two categories. The first category is of those that you can quickly locate and take down. The second category is for animals that call for extra caution and skill to find and take down and are known as legendary animals.

There are only 16 legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, and the legendary elk is one of them. The others include the bear, beaver, boar, buck, cougar, and several others.

Legendary Elk Location

If you’ve already hunted down the legendary fox, then you’re pretty close to RDR2 legendary elk. The elk is usually located between the border of Ambarino and New Hannover. To be precise, you can find it on the northeast of Fort Wallace, just east of Bacchus station in Cumberland Forest.

It shouldn’t be hard to find as this location is relatively adjacent to your starting point. Additionally, there’re plenty of clues which will lead you to it. The first clue to be on the lookout for is some dung.

This should lead you to the next clue which in most cases is tree rub and finally some of its white fur. Once you come across these clues, spotting it is even easier. This is due to its white coat and shaggy mane, which makes it distinguishable from other elks in this region.

How to Kill the Legendary Elk

Once you spot it, it’s time to put your skills into action. As noted earlier, legendary animals are incredibly hard to kill. Also, it’s not all about taking them down as achieving a good kill rewards you with a perfect quality kill, which adds you some points.

The good bit about the elk is that unlike other legendary animals, it flees instead of attacking you. While this is a good thing, it’s also a challenge as they’re easily startled, hence one wrong move will send it running. This means looking for it all over again, which is quite hectic. 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Hunting Down RDR2 Legendary Elk

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced RDR2 player, this guide will help you find and hunt down the legendary elk.

1. Get Your Weapons Ready

To increase your chances of going to the next step with a red dead redemption 2 elk, use long-range weapons such as an extended scope rifle.  This is because as noted earlier, an RDR2 legendary elk is easily startled. Therefore, taking it down while at a distance is advisable. Other suitable weapons for the task include

  • A bow with poison or an improved arrow
  • A throwable knife with poison
  • A long range rifle with either regular, split point, or high velocity
  • A sniper with either regular, split point, or high velocity
  • Use a short gun with slug if you’re near the elk for a perfect quality kill.

Note: the legendary elk is an herbivore. Use its herbivore diet as bait. You can use grass and leaves to lure it to a spot where you can easily shoot your shot.

2. Ride to the Area

Now that you have all the weapons you need, the next step is to ride to the elk’s location. This was indicated earlier, thus it shouldn’t be hard to find. Also, you’ll have a map guiding you.

Additionally, it’s easy to know when you get to the right location as a black box will appear on the upper left corner of your screen to alert you when you do.

3. Look for the Elk

If the black box fails to appear, leave the area, camp for a while and then come back. If it appears, get off your horse and start looking for clues on where to find your elk. Move slowly around the animal’s territory until a white question mark appears.

Once it shows, click on it to reveal droppings or dung left behind by the elk. This dung creates a path which you should follow until the end. At the end, move slowly while listening for the animal.

If possible, crouch and move slowly towards the elk while targeting it using any of the weapons above. Take it down but be careful not to damage the pelt. Once it’s down, approach it and skin it. If it gets away, leave the area and camp for 72 hours, then come back and start all over again.

Why Bother to Hunt Down Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Elk?

Hunting down and killing the legendary elk using the right weapons rewards you with a perfect quality kill. Skinning it comes with added rewards as you get the elk pelt and antler.

You can then use the antler to craft a trinket which automatically boosts the value of your robbed money by 10%. You can also use the skin to craft legendary riding gloves, a flop hat, and moccasins.

Crafting an outfit from its skin also protects you from infections as you continue with your mission. Other than that, you can also sell its skin to a trapper and unlock more cosmetic gear. On top of it all, you can make yourself a good meal.

Discover More Legendary Elk Tips and Tricks

Taking down any legendary animal grants you great benefits, such as increasing the value of your looted money. The better quality your kill, the better the rewards. Check us out for more tips and tricks on how to achieve a perfect legendary elk kill and more related tips.

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