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Red Dead Redemption 2 Grizzly Bear Guide

Bears are fearsome creatures that can do a lot of damage, especially in Red Dead Redemption 2. Because of this, you should know everything about them, including how to deal with them, incase you come across one. Bears have to be dealt with precisely, and if so, you can get lots of money from what a bear gives you. Here is everything you have to know about bears.

Best Guns to Kill the Bear With

Because the Grizzly bear is such a large animal, it is important to use a high powered weapon to kill the bear. However, it is important to remember not to use things like explosives when killing the bear, as you will not get a perfect kill. Both a rifle or a sniper can be used, but make sure that the ammo you use is either regular, express, high velocity, or spilt point bullets. The shotgun can also be used, but you should only use the slug if you want a chance of killing the bear. Similarly, the bow can be used, but only with improved or poisoned arrows. If you plan to hunt the bear specifically, both predator bait and herbivore bait can be used to attract the bear, but for best results, use both.

Grizzly Bear Locations

Grizzly bears are common throughout West Elizabeth, mostly in the forested regions with lots of trees. They are also common up in Ambarino in Grizzly East and West. The bears are more common in the East, with the legendary ones also spawning there.

Bear Items

These are all the items you get from the bear. To get these items, you have to have to kill and skin the animal. The items you receive depend both on the type of bear and the kill quality. Some of these, especially the legendary items, can be sold to a trapper.

Recipe NameRegularThyme TypeOregano TypeMint Type
Big GamePlain Big GameThyme Big GameOregano Big GameMinty Big Game
MaterialCostKill Quality
Perfect Bear Fur$7.5Perfect Kill
Legendary Bear Pelt$60Legendary Only
Good Bear Fur$4.5Good Kill
Poor Bear Fur$3Poor Kill
Bear Claw$1.5Any
Big Game Meat$0.75Any
Animal Fat$0.25Any
Legendary Bear Claw$0Legendary Only

Crafted Bear Items

All of these can be crafted from bear materials.

Item NamePricingHow to unlock
Bear Dakota Saddle$98.00Perfect Bear Pelt
Legendary Bear Head Hat$40.00Legendary Bear Pelt
Cougar Cutaway Coat$39.00Perfect Cougar Pelt x2, Perfect Black Bear Pelt
Bear Fringed Shotgun Chaps$38.00Perfect Black Bear Pelt
Legendary Bear Roper$34.00Legendary Bear Pelt, Perfect Bull Hide
Legendary Bear Coat$28.00Legendary Bear Pelt, Perfect Bison Pelt
Bear Batwing Chaps$27.00Perfect Bear Pelt
Bear Grenadier Hat$24.00Perfect Black Bear Pelt
Recipe NameEffectHow to obtainTypePrice
Bear Claw TalismanLowers the drain speed of your Health Core by 10%Silver Chain Bracelet, Quartz Chunk, Legendary Bear ClawHealth$34.75
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