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Red Dead Redemption 2 Goat Guide

The goat in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a large farm animal that has some very useful drops and recipes. Since they are herbivores, they can be found mostly on farms hanging around eating grass, so they are not too difficult to hunt. Currently, there is not a legendary version of the goat, but their drops can be used along with other legendary pelts for some recipes.

Best Weapon to Kill the Goat With

The right weapon must be used to kill the goat in order to get a perfect pelt. Just like cows, goats are a large mammal, meaning that it is best to use either a rifle or a bow. In terms of ammunition, any rifle ammo can be used as long as it is not explosive, and poison or improved arrows work best when using a bow. Since goats are herbivores, you can use herbivore bait if you want to, but it is not necessary since goats are mainly located in large numbers on farms.

Goat Locations

Goats are located on farms and ranches all across the map. It is best to hunt them at night to avoid detection and potential conflict.

Goat Items

MaterialCostKill Quality
Perfect Goat Carcass$4.75Perfect
Perfect Goat Hair$2.00Perfect
Good Goat Carcass$2.85Good
Good Goat Hair$1.20Good
Poor Goat Carcass$1.90Poor
Poor Goat Hair$0.80Poor
Gristly Mutton$0.40Any

Goat Crafting

Item NamePricingHow to unlock
Legendary Wolf Batwing Chaps$34.00Legendary Wolf Pelt, Perfect Goat Hide
Billy Vest$32.00Perfect Armadillo Skin x2, Perfect Goat Hide
Legendary Elk Moccasins$30.00Legendary Elk Pelt, Perfect Goat Hide
Workman’s Pride Boots$28.00Perfect Cow Hide, Perfect Goat Hide
No-Man’s Vest$27.00Perfect Panther Pelt, Perfect Goat Hide
Rat Infantry Hardee Hat$17.00Perfect Goat Hide, Perfect Rat Pelt x6
Goat Flop Hat$12.00Perfect Pronghorn Hide, Perfect Goat Hide
Scout Fire Ground Cover$0.002x Perfect Goat Hide
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