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Red Dead Redemption 2 Elk Guide

The Elk in Red Dead Redemption 2 is an incredibly large mammal that has many useful drops and crafting recipes. While it is a herbivore, it is still dangerous and should be hunted cautiously. There is also a legendary version of this animal, meaning that it is possible to come across one if you are lucky.

Best Weapons to Kill the Elk With

As with many other large mammals such as the cow, a powerful weapon should be used as to kill it quickly and effectively. To kill the elk we recommend you use either the sniper rifle or the bow. If you use the sniper, make sure not to use explosive ammo as it will ruin the kill. Similarly, you should use improved arrows when using the bow. If you are hunting the elk, make sure to use herbivore bait, as it will help to attract one.

Elk Locations

Elk are most prominent in mountainous areas, especially where there is forest. The best place to find elk is in the mountains of Ambarino by Cumberland. They can also be found in West Elizabeth and by Annesburg.

Elk Items

Some of these items can only be obtained by killing the legendary elk.

MaterialCostKill Quality
Legendary Elk Pelt$33.00Legendary
Perfect Elk Pelt$6.50Perfect
Good Elk Pelt$3.90Good
Poor Elk Pelt$2.60Poor
Elk Antlers$1.35Any
Mature Venison$0.60Any
Legendary Elk Antler$0Legendary

Elk Crafting

Item NamePricingHow to unlock
Legendary Fox Moccasins$40.00Perfect Elk Pelt, Legendary Fox Pelt
Legendary Elk Moccasins$30.00Legendary Elk Pelt, Perfect Goat Hide
Elk Antler Trinket$22.75Legendary Elk Antler
Elk Fringed Shotgun Chaps$21.00Perfect Elk Pelt
Legendary Elk Half Chaps$16.00Legendary Elk Pelt, Perfect Sheep Hide
Gila Monster Gambler’s Hat$16.00Perfect Elk Pelt, Perfect Gila Monster Skin
Legendary Elk Range Gloves$13.00Legendary Elk Pelt
Elk Riding Gloves$12.00Perfect Elk Pelt
Elk Flop Hat$12.00Perfect Elk Pelt
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