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Red Dead Redemption 2 Cow Guide

The cow is a large yet passive mammal in Red Dead Redemption 2 which has many uses. The hides of the animal are used in the crafting of many different pieces of clothing. They are herbivores so they are not that dangerous to kill, but they can take a while as they are large.

Best Weapon to Kill the Cow With

Due to the cow being such a large animal and the importance of getting a perfect pelt when killing it, it is important to use the correct weapon. The best two weapons to use are the bow or the sniper rifle with nonexplosive ammo. However, it is better to use the bow as you do not alert people in the area, whereas the sniper can be heard from a long way aways. We also recommend that you go at night for this reason. You do not want to be caught stealing an animal.

Cow Locations

Cows are found at the many different ranches and farms across the map, most notably Emerald Ranch.

Cow Materials

MaterialCostKill Quality
Perfect Cow Hide$2.5Perfect
Good Cow Hide$1.5Good
Poor Cow Hide$1Poor
Prime Beef$0.6Any

Crafting With Cow Items

Item NamePricingHow to unlock
Workman’s Pride Boots$28.00Perfect Cow Hide, Perfect Goat Hide
Legendary Moose Moccasins$22.00Legendary Moose Pelt, Perfect Cow Hide
Beaver Hunting Jacket$21.00Perfect Cow Hide, Perfect Beaver Pelt x2
Principal Vest$18.00Perfect Cow Hide, Perfect Deer Pelt
Iguana Big Valley Hat$14.00Perfect Cow Hide, Perfect Iguana Skin
Used InMakesCrafting ingredients
Main CampfireCow Hide Ground CoverPerfect Cow Hide
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