Red Dead Redemption 2

What to Know About the Buck in RDR 2

The Red Dead Redemption 2 buck is a large wild animal located throughout the map. Just like the elk, it is a herbivore, but that does not mean they are not dangerous to the player. The buck’s meat, pelt, and antlers are all useful in crafting recipes. There is also a legendary version of the buck.

Best Weapons to Kill the Buck With

Using the right weapons when hunting the buck is important to getting a good kill. Since the buck is a large animal, you need to use a powerful weapon. Additionally, it should be able to be used at range, since deer can be frightened away if spooked. We recommend using either the sniper rifle or the bow. For the rifle, make sure you do not use explosive ammo, as it can ruin the kill quality. For the bow, poison arrows work best. Since bucks are herbivores, it may be a good idea to use herbivore bait as well.

Buck Locations

Buck are most commonly found in the wooded areas of the map. They spawn with groups of doe, with there typically being more does than there are bucks. The best place overall to find them is in Scarlett Meadows.

Buck Items

MaterialCostKill Quality
Legendary Buck Carcass$31.5Legendary
Legendary Buck Pelt$29Legendary
Legendary Buck Antler$0Legendary
Perfect Buck Fur$3.25Perfect
Perfect Buck Carcass$10Perfect
Good Buck Fur$1.95Good
Good Buck Carcass$6Good
Poor Buck Carcass$4Poor
Poor Buck Fur$1.3Poor
Buck Antlers$1.05Any
Mature Venison$0.6Any

Buck Crafting

Item NamePricingHow to unlock
Buck Riding Gloves$5.00Perfect Buck Pelt
Legendary Buck & Fox Range Gloves$28.00Legendary Buck Pelt, Legendary Fox Pelt
Legendary Buck Vest$26.00Legendary Buck Pelt, Perfect Ram Hide
Country Vest$25.00Perfect Buck Pelt, Perfect Beaver Pelt
Moccasins$17.00Perfect Buck Pelt
Two Toned Moccasins$15.00Perfect Buck Pelt
Buck Antler Trinket$22.00Legendary Buck Antler
Hanging Bones$0.00Buck Antlers
Buck Skull$0.00Perfect Buck Carcass
Tonics Satchel$0.00Perfect Deer Pelt, Perfect Buck Pelt, Perfect Elk Pelt
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