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Red Dead Redemption 2 Armadillo Guide

The nine-banded armadillo is a medium sized mammal that can come to good use in red dead redemption 2. While it poses no threat, it is important to know how to properly kill it, and how to properly craft with it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the armadillo in rdr 2.

Best Weapon to Kill the Armadillo With

Because the armadillo has a hard shell, it is important to use the right weapon make sure you get the kill. The best weapon to use is the Varmint Rifle. While the repeater shotgun also could work, the rifle is better due to it having a longer range. We recommend you use a scope to get a more accurate shot, and to always aim for the head. We recommend you use either predator or herbivore bait as well if you decide to specifically hunt it.

Armadillo Locations

The Armadillo is located only in New Austin in the desert areas. The best place to find them is around the Town of Armadillo, especially to the North West.

Armadillo Materials

This chart shows everything you get from the armadillo, and how much it can be sold for, what you get from the armadillo can depend on the kill quality.

MaterialCostKill Quality
Perfect Armadillo Carcass$2.5Perfect
Good Armadillo Carcass$1.5Good
Perfect Armadillo Skin$1.1Perfect
Poor Armadillo Carcass$1Poor
Good Armadillo Skin$0.66Good
Poor Armadillo Skin$0.44Poor
Stringy Meat$0.25Any

Crafting With Armadillo Items

Item NamePricingHow to unlock
Billy Vest$32.00 2 Perfect Armadillo Skins, Perfect Goat Hide
Recipe NameIngredients
Predator Bait– 1x Stringy Meat – 1x Wintergreen, Evergreen, Huckleberry, Raspberry or Blackberry

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