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Red Dead Redemption 2 Alligator Guide

The alligator can be a very scary creature to come across in rdr 2. To make it less of a threat, you should make sure you know everything about it before looking for it, or going where it could be. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the alligator, from where to find it to how to kill it.

Best Weapons to Kill an Alligator With

It is important to use the right type of weapon when attempting to kill an alligator for two reasons: so you can easily kill it, and so you can preserve it and get a perfect pelt from it. Because of this, you want to avoid using any type of explosive ammo, while still using a powerful gun. The best two guns would be the sniper or the rifle with the regular, split point, high velocity, or express ammo because of this. While other weapons like shotguns with slugs or bows with poison arrows can be used, we recommend using the rifles for the best results.

Alligator Locations

The alligators most readily spawn in LeMoyne along the Kamassa River. They mostly spawn downstream towards the South of the map. They often will also spawn near Lagras.

Alligator Items

These are all the things that you can get from the alligator. Sometimes, what you get depends on the kill quality or whether or not the alligator was legendary.

MaterialCostKill Quality
Legendary Alligator Skin$50Legendary
Perfect Alligator Carcass$6.5Perfect
Good Alligator Carcass$3.9Good
Perfect Alligator Skin$3.5Perfect
Poor Alligator Carcass$2.6Poor
Good Alligator Skin$2.1Good
Poor Alligator Skin$1.4Poor
Big Game Meat$0.75Any
Alligator Tooth$0.4Any
Legendary Bullgator$0Legendary
Legendary Alligator Tooth$0Legendary

Crafting with Alligator Items

Item NamePricingHow to unlock
Alligator Ranch Cutter Saddle$107.00Perfect Alligator Skin
Legendary Alligator Fowlers$35.00Legendary Alligator Skin
Legendary Alligator Vest$35.00Legendary Alligator Skin
Legendary Alligator Gambler’s Hat$22.00Legendary Alligator Skin, Perfect Snake Skin x2
Recipe NameEffectHow to obtainTypePrice
Alligator Tooth TalismanLowers the drain speed of Dead Eye Core by 10%Vintage Civil War Handcuffs, Gold Jointed Bracelet, Legendary Alligator ToothDead Eye$40
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