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Ranking All Score Streaks in Black Ops Cold War

Score streaks are a staple of Call of Duty games. First introduced in COD 4, they reward players for doing well are really make the game fun. However sometimes it is difficult to decide which score streaks you should use, as there are so many, all with different abilities and uses. In this ranking, we ranked them based on how good and effective they are in getting you more points and kills, in comparison with how expensive they are.

16: Armor

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Costing a whopping score of 1600, all it does is reduce the damage of incoming bullets. While this is somewhat useful in one on one gunfights, you are still almost guaranteed to be killed when the enemy is firing from behind you. On top of this, it breaks after absorbing a certain amount of damage. Combine this with the 120 second cool down and it really is not a very useful score streak for how long it takes to get it.

15: Combat Bow

Call of Duty: Black Ops -- Cold War review -- Putting the player on a  treadmill | VentureBeat

The cheapest score streak of them all, the combat bow only costs a score of 500. The bow shoots flaming arrows that burn the target and its surrounding area. A cool idea in concept, its long drawback time makes it very ineffective when it comes to one on one fights. It is useful for doing things like forcing enemies out of an area, but the same can be done with a molotov cocktail, so why bother wasting a score streak on it? It isn’t even that useful in gunfights, as even something like an MP5 can out perform it.

14: Air Patrol

Costing a score of 2700, this streak’s only ability is to destroy all enemy score streaks that are airborne. This includes everything from the spy plane to the Gunship. While it can be useful towards the end of games when other players start to acquire higher score streaks, that still relies on that happening. It does have the perk of being the only streak in the game with a zero second cool down, but that is not enough to move it any higher on the list.

13: Counter Spy Plane

The counter spy plane works as it does in every other Call of Duty: by scrambling the enemy radar. It also has the feature of disabling missile turrets as long as it is active, which is new. While this is very effective, it is not as effective in helping to get kills as the spy plane is. On top of this, it can easily be countered by the perk spycraft, and can easily be shot down. Combine this with a 60 second cool down time and a cost of 1200, and brings it to number 13 on our list.

12: RC-XD

By no means a new streak, the RC-XD is a deadly remote controlled car which can explode on demand. Though it almost guarantees a kill, and is incredibly cheap at a score of only 800, its 90 second cool down time combined with the fact that you have to take the time to hide in order to use it, with a possibility of still being killed, it comes in at 12 on our list.

11: Care Package

A staple in Call of Duty games, the care package is coming in where it does in almost all of them: towards the end. Costing a score of 2000, it is almost always better to run a different score streak, as it will normally give you one that costs less. While the engineer perk does allow you to re-roll them, that is not enough to justify using them. While the care packages in this game do explode a few seconds after opening, it is rare that they will allow you to get kills.

10: Sentry Turret

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Though it is often weak in most Call of Duty games, the sentry turret in this game has a faster time to kill than it normally does. This streak costs only a score of 1800, which is not very much considering it will consistently get you at least two or three kills when placed correctly. Though it does have a cool down of 60 seconds, that seems to be pretty standard among the more expensive kill streaks. The only drawback of the turret is that it could use a health boost, as it is fairly easy to destroy.

9: Spy Plane

While the spy plane does not get any kills on its own, having one of these can really help get you kills that would have been deaths otherwise. Its only counters are the Ghost perk, which isn’t that powerful, and the Counter Spy Plane, which most players do not use due to it being incredibly underwhelming. Along with this, you get 10 points every time a teammate gets a kill, which can really help you earn higher streaks. Because it only costs 1000 points, the spy plane is an excellent streak to run as your bottom tier.

8: War Machine

Even though it costs a score of 4000, the war machine is well worth the points. When you get it, you receive a launcher that has 12 explode-on-impact rounds that kill anything they touch. Though it is expensive and has a 60 second cool down, getting one of these almost guarantees an extra three or four kills, but even more if you can use it right.

7: Napalm Strike

Very similar to the rolling thunder seen in other Call of Duties, the Napalm strike is a new kill streak where jets fly in and lay down a carpet of fire wherever you choose. Costing a score of 2500 and having a cool down of 30 seconds, this can be very powerful if used correctly, as it can kill many enemies and effectively shut down an area with its lasting fire effect. However, it can be inconsistent if not used properly.

6: Cruise Missile

Another Call of Duty staple, the cruise missile in Cold War comes in a trio, with the two secondary missiles auto-firing at enemies. It may cost a score of 3500 and have a cool down of 90 seconds, but it is much more consistent than the napalm strike, due to your ability to maneuver it in real time.

5: Gunship

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The most powerful and the most expensive score streak in the game, you become the gunner of a ship with multiple different weapons. While this is hands down the most deadly streak, it is not coming in at number one due to it being incredibly expensive at 10,000 points, with other cheaper streaks having similar lethal potentials.

4: Chopper Gunner

Similar to the Gunship, this streak allows you to become the gunner of a helicopter. Though it gives off less firepower than the Gunship, it is significantly cheaper, costing a score of only 6500, so while you will get less kills each time you use it, you will get this streak much more often, allowing you to get more kills in the long run when running this.

3: Attack Helicopter

This streak does not require you to control it, as you just call it in and an Apache Helicopter comes in to support you and your team. Costing 4500 points, this streak is moderately difficult to shoot down, and can get you from anywhere to a few, all the way up to over ten kills in certain game modes if it lasts long enough. While this is less powerful than the chopper gunner or the gunship, we ranked it third due to its relative cheapness and effectiveness.

2: Artillery

Arguably the best mid tier streak to run, the artillery allows you to fire three powerful explosive rounds to anywhere on the map. If you choose to fire two or one, the un-used strikes can be saved for later. This streak can easily clear enemies camping out in an area, or help your team to escape a spawn trap. Along with this, it only costs a score of 2500, and has a 30 second cool down time. This streak definitely has one of the best bangs for your buck.

1: VTOL Escort

Costing a hefty score of 8500, this streak allows you to control an incredibly powerful VTOL jet, capable of raining fire down on enemies in multiple ways. Though it is slightly less powerful than the gunship, it comes in at number one due to it being significantly cheaper. This streak give the most killing power for the amount of points it has, and is hands down the best streak to have if you can consistently get high score streaks in games.

We hope this article helped you decide which score streaks to use in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. If you found this helpful, consider checking out some of our other articles.

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