PS4 Vs Xbox One: The Complete Comparison

Gamers are always looking for best and convenient options to play. Winning the game is not the only thing a person looks while searching for the gaming tools. They want the best and interactive experience of playing in the virtual teams. Many equipment, tools, apps, and features have developed by developers including VR gloves, VR glasses, tennis rackets, and sensor enriched sticks. However, not all devices, machines or game consoles support all sorts of equipment attachments. Engineers are updating versions of the consoles to win more customers and get more sale.

If you are looking forward to by game console that can give you the best gaming experience, please nourish your brain with the following review that offers a complete comparison between PS4 Vs Xbox One. Play station 4 and Xbox one are the two latest developed and updated versions of the game players. I have selected these two devices for mainly four reasons:

  • People are confused regarding PS4 Vs Xbox One differences.
  • People want to know the difference between PS4 and Xbox One.
  • People are continuously searching for the updated features of PS4 and Xbox One.
  • I want people to make a wise purchase this year while buying the best console available so far.

What is Xbox One or PS4?

It is a game console. If you don’t know what a game console is, well it is a simple device that comes with some hardware devices and software applications. These devices help home users to get the advantage of playing a game like a game arena in the home.

Now, a PS4 is the latest developed game console embedded with generation 8th processors. These are developed by number one computer making companies in the world, Microsoft. It is the latest most addition in the large Xbox family and big brother to Xbox 360.

What is PS4?

PS5 is also a game console offers home users with the best gaming experience by offering HD videos and supporting to latest VR devices. It is also embedded with eighth generation processors. The makers of PS4 are number one electronics making company, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The Main differences and Common Traits of the Xbox One by Microsoft and Play Station 4 by Sony Interactive Entertainment:

Common Properties:

  1. Both are using 8th generation processors that make them very fast and very responsive.
  2. Both are offering the best hardware devices that are solid, strong, and reliable.
  3. Both consoles were introduced in the year 2013.
  4. Users are confused between both consoles like which one is superior over the other.
  5. Both consoles are latest members of their family.

Different Properties:

1.     Play Station is Economical:

Play station four had more sales then Xbox one in the market right after their introduction however still there are no pieces of evidence that make one better over the other if we take into account the sales alone.

2.     Pixel Quality In Play Station 4 Is Better:

 Xbox one is a little costly however the play station four and Xbox one offers same types of visual qualities. They both support 4K HDR TV that means you will get graphics of 1080 pixels. The less cost of ps4 can be a reason for most sales of ps4 than the Xbox One. 

3.     Xbox Has Updated Version Than The Play Station 4:

After the launch, Xbox one has been refurbished and updated and this is another reason that makes people confused regarding which game console to buy for their home. However, with the updated version, the price of the Xbox one has increased too. Nevertheless, if you will buy them in sale offers like black Friday sale or amazon premium week etc. still, the price for play station 4 is more affordable however it has the same old version as it had launched.

4.     Games In Play Station 4 Are More Interactive And Huge Variety Is Available:

Games included in ps4 are more interactive than the Xbox One. Such as, when it comes to playing third-party games like uncharted 4, Marvel’s Spiderman, God of war, and zero dawn horizons, these are not available in the Xbox One. However, if you want to play these games on your already purchased Xbox one, you need to buy them separately, which is another expense.

5.     Gamers Can Use the Previous Version Of Xbox To Play Latest Digital Games By Microsoft:

You can play the latest games by Microsoft even without an Xbox one because the company has changed its policies for gamers. Now, by simply buying the digital versions of the game, you can play the latest games even without an Xbox one. Besides this Sony’s PS4 is already embedded with a huge number of interactive games, thus, here seems buying a ps4 is still a better decision.

6.     X Box One is Slimmer and Way More Stylish Than Xbox One:

If you are looking for a slim, sleek, and stylish device for your home gaming system I would suggest you go with the Xbox One by Microsoft. X box one is slimmer, chunkier, and easy to fit inside the small spacing you have near your TV. On the other hand, a play station 4 has a bulky hardware set that looks a little out of fashion when it comes to the fashionable body of a game console.

7.     X Box One With Latest Version Comes With Customizable Features:

Customizable features in a game console or digital devices show that how user-friendly a device is. Here, while making a comparison between Xbox one and Play station 4, you can say that Xbox one is friendlier to use compare to the other one. there are many new features such as gifting games to friends have made it one of the leading gaming tool in the market.


Well, I have told you all the commonness and differences between both game consoles. Now the decision to buy is totally up to you. According to my suggestions, if you are looking for something less expensive and embedded with more games variety, Play station 4 is the device you should buy. On the other hand, if you are in search of some stylish device that looks perfect in your home, then the Xbox one is all you need to purchase.

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