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Must-Have Items in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is filled with special items throughout it that when found and picked up, can make your character near perfect. But to do so, it requires some math to get the assembly just right. In order to do so, you’ll need some key Diablo 3 items. 

Ready to start building your own Diablo 3 character with unique and legendary items? Continue reading below for 13 specialty items that are mostly available to every class and are on console versions and PC versions. But be careful, characters would kill for these items!   

1. Leoric’s Crown

Although Leoric’s Crown could be dropped by any mob, you better your chances of grabbing it if you defeat and kill the Skeleton King in Act 1. This item does have a legendary affix, which boosts the socketed gem’s overall power. Here’s what you need to do:

While leveling your character, put a ruby in it and when you’re 70, switch it to a diamond, and it’ll reduce cooldowns. It’ll increase the effects of any gem socketed into it by 75-100%. 

2. Puzzle Ring

The Puzzle Ring is one of the most desired items in the game. Why? This is a good question, considering that the item doesn’t come with any awesome stats.

Although it lacks cool stats, it does offer a pretty awesome companion to tag along with you. This companion is a tiny Treasure Goblin that follows along with you picking up anything it finds. Although the items that the goblin picks up are worthless to you, after it’s gathered enough of them it’ll give you something back in return.

And the item that you get in return could be a very rare legendary item.

3. Stone of Jordan

The Stone of Jordan is very rare, but it could be dropped by any mob. It’s not an item with a legendary affix, but it’s worth having, and we’ll tell you why. This stone comes with a 25-30% increase in damage when fighting against monsters.

It also has bonus elemental damage, which makes it one of the greatest rings for all classes. 

4. Thunderfury

From the World of Warcraft comes the Thunderfury. In World of Warcraft, it was one of the hardest items to collect as the entire guild had to work together on a long quest to find it. In Diablo 3, this item is just as legendary and it comes with some amazing stats as well.

Each enemy you hit has a 30% decrease in attack speed and movement speed for 3 seconds. It also jumps up to 5 targets and comes with many other great stats. 

5. Wand of Woh

The Wand of Woh is an item that’s made specifically for Wizards. This item triples the explosive blast and adds in some damage as well. Use this legendary item to help build a critical mass wizard. 

A critical mass wizard has the ability to walk through enemies while it’s exploding.

6. Ramaladni’s Gift

Have you ever found the perfect weapon, but it was missing a socket? Ramaladni’s Gift adds a socket to any weapon that’s missing one, however, this item is destroyed in the process. It could be dropped by any mob, but only within the PC version. 

It’s also only found at Torment I difficulty or higher. 

7. Nemesis Bracers

Any mob could drop this item in the game, so be on the lookout for it. When you stumble across this item, pick it up and keep it in your inventory. You’ll want to switch your bracers out with it when you see a shrine to spawn a group of elites. 

8. Tasker and Theo

Tasker and Theo are legendary gloves that could be dropped by any mob. Wolf Demon Hunters and Hydra Wizards benefit from this item as it increases pet attack speed. But it works best with Witch Doctor Builds. 

9. Ring of Royal Grandeur

The Ring of Royal Grandeur is one of the most sought after items by players of Diablo 3. This item gives you the ability to create some pretty intense combos. It’s a must for every build and every class. 

It reduces the number of items that you need to set bonuses. It increases your attack speed and contains one of the 3 magical properties (dexterity, intelligence, and strength). 

10. Unity

The Unity item could also be dropped by any mob, and it’s important to use it when playing in more difficult levels. This item works best in 4-player games where each player has the ring. You and your team won’t have to worry about damage when equipped with this legendary ring because of its legendary affix. 

11. The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour is a legendary belt that could be dropped by any mob, but you’ll need a lot of luck to find it. Although it doesn’t offer a legendary affix, it comes with a guarantee of increased critical hit damage and attack speed. It’ll also boost your DPS more than any other belt. 

12. Bane of the Powerful

Bane of the powerful is a legendary gem that’s dropped by Greater Rift bosses in the PC version. It gives you a 15% increase in damage against elites. Once you come across this gem, be sure to add it to a socketed ring, and you’ll be all set. 

13. Convention of Elements 

The Convention of Elements is an Ancient Legendary Ring, which gives you a 200% increase in damage to one element for 4 seconds. With this item, you’ll also be given a magical property bluff. It also increased your critical hit chance by 6.0%. 

It’s another highly sought after item in Diablo 3. 

Must-Have Diablo 3 Items to Boost Your Character!

These must-have Diablo 3 items give your character the boost you need. If you’re lucky enough to find all of these items, then you’re doing pretty well in the game. There are other special items to be on the lookout for as well, so never pass up the opportunity to grab one!

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