Madden NFL 23 Has Horrible Reviews, Here’s Why

Madden NFL is a staple in sports games. It is one of the most iconic games EA has to offer. Every year a new one comes out and every year it sells well. As with all sports game, it often comes with the criticism of not having enough new about it to be worth the money or the criticism of basically being the previous year’s game with roster updates. Though this is to be expected, reviews have been especially negative this year. If you are considering buying it, you should first understand why.

One of the major criticisms about this game is that it does not have cross play for the PC version. For those who don’t know, cross play, or cross-platform play, is the ability of a game to allow players to play together who are on different platforms, such as someone on Xbox playing with someone on PC. Many popular games have had it for years, such as Fortnite, Warzone, and even other sports games like The Show. Generally, when a new version of a sports game comes out, players are looking for things that previous versions of the game didn’t have to be added in. So for a game to come out that people play online in 2022 that costs $60, it is understandable why people are frustrated it doesn’t come with cross play.

Another reason gamers are frustrated with Madden 23 is the franchise mode. EA claimed when they advertised the game that there would be new features to make franchise mode both better and more exciting. However, it seems as though nothing significant has changed to the game mode, with it being almost identical to Madden 22. As a result, those who bought the game for the updated franchise mode were left incredibly disappointed.

The last reason why people are mad they wasted their money on the game is due to the bugs players have been facing. Many people have reported the game repeatedly crashing, which is something that should not happen from a game has been being produced for over a decade. Additionally, visual bugs are very common, with player models not being what they are supposed to be, or random walls of solid colors randomly appearing on the field. These issues are ones that can be fixed in future updates, but that does not make it excusable that EA sold a finished game with these in it.

While none of these things make the game unplayable, we recommend you do not spend money on it if you already have previous versions of the game. There is not enough new with the game to make it worth buying. You would be much better off spending your money on a game like Diablo 3 instead.

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