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Everything You Should Know Before Using The Nail Gun In Call of Duty: Warzone

We have seen many interesting weapons come to Call of Duty: Warzone, with many of them coming from Black Ops Cold War. The sledge hammer and E-Tool are two prime examples. However, neither of those are quite as strange as the new nail gun. It was added to Cold War in the most recent season, and is now the most confusing, yet powerful weapon one can use.

This is not the first time we have seen a nail gun in a COD game. Back in Black Ops III, there was a nail gun called the DIY 11 Renovator. Despite being the same concept, it was very different from the one we are seeing today. The renovator featured a 25 round magazine, was listed only as an SMG, had attachments that you could add to it, and featured no bullet drop. But similarly to the new nail gun, it can be very powerful if you use it correctly.

Weapon Stats

Currently, you must play challenges to unlock it, unless you want to pay for it in a store bought bundle. The challenge requires that you kill five people with a weapon in the special class in 15 different matches. The task is not too difficult but is relatively time consuming, taking around an hour and a half to finish, so choose wisely for which path you want to take to unlock it.

At the moment, it has one of the fastest time to kills. If you land all upper chest or head shots, you can take down an enemy in only 4 shots in Warzone if they are fully armored, and in two shots if they have no armor. It also takes two shots to kill someone in core modes in Cold War, and one shot in hardcore game modes. This is is only true within close ranges though.

The gun has one of the slowest bullet velocities in the game, making it incredibly difficult to hit shots at a long range due to bullet drop. On top of this, it has a very high bullet damage drop off, going from doing 50 base damage to 40 and then to 30 at long ranges in Cold War, in a very short distance. So not only is it inaccurate at long ranges, it is also less lethal. This is a huge draw back for this weapon as it can potentially be outgunned by other SMGs at mid-range.

Because the weapon is in the special class in Cold War, it does not allow you to add attachments. However, it is listed as an SMG in Warzone, putting it in competition with guns like the MP5 that can use attachments. This does not help the nail gun in Warzone as it is much more useful as a secondary weapon than a primary weapon due to its small range of effectiveness. It would be pointless to use the nail gun with a launcher or any of the pistols, so you will always need to run overkill if you intend to effectively use the nail gun in a class.

One interesting feature of the nail gun is that trophy systems have the ability to shoot its nails out of the air. This can be both good and bad, depending on how you use it. It can be really bad, as it is effectively shooting you bullets out of the air, which can give you no chance of winning a gun fight. However, trophy systems can only shoot four objects out of the air before they self destruct. This makes the nail gun very effective at destroying trophy systems, as it could quickly shoot enough to destroy it within seconds, allowing you to throw grenades and other lethals without them being shot down. So depending on how you use your nail gun, a trophy system can either mean a quick death or something that you can easily bypass for other purposes.

Another unique thing about the nail gun is that it is not consistent between Warzone and Cold War in terms of magazine size. In Cold War, the nail gun holds 15 rounds, and starts out with one spare magazine. In Warzone, the nail gun holds 20 rounds, and uses SMG ammo, so it will have many more spare rounds than in Cold War. Because of this, you will almost certainly need to use the scavenger perk if you run the nail gun in Cold War, as otherwise you will run out of ammo very quickly.

Best Uses For The Nail Gun

In Cold War, the best way to use the nail gun is as a close range secondary for a slow, long range weapon such as a sniper. It is more effective than all of the pistols at close ranges, and is very fast to switch to. This makes it a perfect secondary weapon for something like a sniper or an LMG. This is pretty much the only way that it can be used on most maps. On smaller maps such as Nuketown or Highjacked, you could get away with using it as your only gun due to all of you gunfights being at close ranges, but on larger maps such as Cartel or Satellite you will be at a significant disadvantage if you do not have a weapon that is effective at longer ranges.

In Warzone, the Nail Gun is effective, but there are often much better options to use. If you do choose to use it though, it should definitely be used as with overkill, so that you can use a longer range weapon such as an assault rifle or a sniper. Due to its small magazine size, you should consider using it more for solo games than for squad or duo games, as you do not have to worry about reloading as much when there are fewer enemies to kill at once. One thing that you are going to want to consider though is that it cannot have attachments. As a result, you are not going to be able to suppress it, which could put you at a disadvantage when there are only a few players left, as you can be spotted on the radar by enemies.

We hope this article on Warzone’s new nail gun was helpful for you. If it was, consider checking out some more articles on anything you can think of relating to Call of Duty.

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