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How to Locate, Kill, and Skin the Legendary Alligator in Red Dead Redemption 2

The Legendary Alligator, also known as the Bull Gator, is one of the fiercest animals in rdr 2. It is much more fearsome than the regular alligator, and when killed, drops items worth picking up and using, crafting with, or selling. However, tackling this animal is no walk in the park. Before finding and attempting to kill this beast, you should know everything from its location to what to craft with it.

How does the Bull Gator Act

Before finding the legendary alligator, it is important to remember how it will act around you, and to keep that in mind when hunting it. The Bull Gator is both incredibly dangerous and aggressive. Because of this, it is one of the most dangerous animals to hunt. However, you can stay safe from its jaws by staying at a distance. The gator is rather slow, meaning that if you stay far enough away, it will be difficult for it to get to you. If you do get too close to the gator, it can easily get you into its teeth when it attacks, which lead to your death. Basically, when hunting it, you want to stay as far away as possible.

Bull Gator Location

The legendary alligator is located in LeMoyne under Lagras in the Lakay, which is a swamp. It is important to remember that it will only spawn in that one location and if you are looking for it.

Best Weapons To Kill The Bull Gator With

When killing any legendary animal, it is important to use you most powerful weapon, due to legendary animals only dropping perfect/legendary pelts. While it is possible to kill the alligator with any weapon, you should definitely use either the carbine or the shotgun with slugs. Both of these have their pros and cons when hunting the gator.

Shotgun – The shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons when used properly. While it will take the least amount of shots to kill any animal, it must be used at a close range, leaving you more susceptible to being attacked by the animal. You should always use slugs when hunting legendary animals with the shotgun.

Carbine – The carbine is also an incredibly powerful weapon, but unlike the shotgun, it works at longer ranges. The carbine does not do as much damage as the shotgun though, so more shots will have to be taken to kill the animal.

Between the two guns, the shotgun is the better choice, but only by a little bit due to it requiring you to be much closer.

How To Kill The Legendary Alligator

Before tracking a legendary animal of any kind, you should always start out by knowing everything you can about the animal, such as the exact location and how it will act around you. On top of this, you should already have the gun you want to use on you, and make sure it is powerful. The process is similar for all legendary animals, so if you, for example, have already killed the legendary buck in rdr 2, then you off to a good start.

Step 1: Go to the Location

Take your horse to Lakay, which is marked on the map above. Once you arrive there, just leave your horse as it will not be necessary until after the gator is killed. If you are in the area where the legendary animal spawns, then a black box will appear in the corner of your screen.

Step 2: Move Around

Once you reach the area where the black box shows up on your screen, make sure to walk slowly in circles while moving around through the area until you find something like droppings, fur, or damage done by the animal. When this happens, a white question mark appears on your screen. This means that the animal has spawned and you can now start hunting it. If the question mark does not appear. Travel a bit away from the area and camp for a night. The next day you should be able to hunt the gator.

Step 3: Start the Hunting Sequence

Once you approach what was left behind, click both thumb sticks in to enter eagle eye mode. From here, a path should light up which you will need to follow.

Step 4: Investigate the Next Droppings

The path that eagle eye mode put you on should lead to another set of dropping or fur. Investigate it, and then reenter eagle eye mode to find the third dropping. Repeat this with the third dropping.

Step 5: Stalk and Kill

After investigating the third dropping, eagle eye mode should lead you to the legendary alligator. Once you see it, make sure you crouch and walk slowly until you get in range. Once you have killed it make sure you skin it to get everything you can from it.

What to do with New Legendary Items

Once you have the items you got from killing the alligator you can either craft with them or trade them. If you wish to trade them, the best option would be to the trapper so that you can get money from it. If you with to craft with it, simply go to the fence.

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