How to Hack Minecraft: 3 Effective Methods

Sure playing Minecraft on its own is fun. But other passionate players have taken their gaming to the next level with some cheats that make exploring one of your favorite worlds even more interesting.

If you’re bored with the same old gaming tactics, then consider using some Minecraft cheats. The best hacks for Minecraft are quick to install and easy to use. We’ve gathered together our picks for Minecraft hacks, modifications, and cheats into one convenient location. 

Want to learn how to hack Minecraft? Continue reading to discover three different methods to help you advance in the game.

1. Enable Cheats

Before you can start reaping the benefits of all these new abilities you have to be sure you allow the cheats on your built-in console. This will also allow you to type in cheat codes directly into Minecraft.

You can do this by clicking the “More World Options…” button during a single-player game setup and then turning on “Allow Cheats” via the next page. In multi-player games, the host of the game can allow cheats in the same way. However, usually in this way only the host can use cheats.

2. Type Your Cheat Commands

One way to implement your cheats is by typing them directly into the console. This is done during the game by bringing up the console or chat window. You can do this by typing “T” or “/.” All of the command cheats begin with a forward slash.

There are many different cheat commands that you can use this way. If you type in /help it will provide you with an extensive list to choose from. You can even teleport yourself using “/tp [target player] <destination player>.”

Although one of the more difficult cheats due to its complexity and time-consuming nature, you can also learn to enchant your items. The enchantment will only apply to the item the player is holding and must correspond with the type of item.

Want to summon any creature or entity to get some target practice? The cheat command “/summon <EntityName> [x] [y] [z]” lets you spawn things like animals, lightning bolts, and mobs literally wherever you want.

If you’d like to take it to the next level, then you may want to download a hacked client. Not all hacked clients are created equally. Which is why we’ve collected our favorites and what you can expect from each below.

3. How to Hack Minecraft

When it comes to hacking your favorite games, including Minecraft, you may have heard of hacked clients. Typically hacked clients are not affiliated with the official game. They provide cheats or hacks when playing Minecraft. 

Keep in mind that using a hacked client can get your banned from playing the game since it provides players with an unfair advantage. However, on servers such as 2b2t, 2builders2tools, it is expected that everyone is using some kind of hacked client. 

Some of these hacks are still limited in order to keep players from being instantly killed before the game has really started. Otherwise, certain hacks, such as fly like in creative mode, have server operator status, or generate thousands of chunks every minute, would allow certain players to be impossible to beat.

Impact Client

We can’t have the top Minecraft hacked client list without mentioning Impact. The Impact Client has a lot of great features that we’ve taken advantage of. Plus, it’s simple to use.

Impact is a commonly used hacked client that gained its momentum during the Rusher War. It offers features such as EntitySpeed and AutoTotem, which some of the others lack.

It is known to have good hacks if you’re playing on 2b2t in a free client.

Wurst Hacked Client

If you’re looking to find a downloadable hack client, then you should choose one that is updated often. Since Minecraft goes through upgrades frequently, you want your hacked client to follow suit.

This way you always know your hacked client is going to support the new version. Wurst Hacked Client is commonly used and is known for its cosmetic hacks such as inventory see, working x-ray, and tracers that help find your distance from other players. 

Wolfram Client

Wolfram Client likes to consider themselves a Minecraft utility mod. They’ve remained relevant in the Minecraft arena for a while now. Wolfram is most known for its NCP bypassing features. 

You can also rely on them to stay up-to-date on the latest Minecraft versions.


SkillClient is a lesser-known hacked client but it’s worth taking a look at. It is known for having a built-in OptiFine along with its click GUI. Some features include Auto Armor, FullBright, Better Sneak, and Tracer cheats.


This hacked client is another one of the originals. LiquidBound has a variety of great cheats. Plus it’s easy to use and install. You’ll have a number of features and modifications to choose from with this hacked client.

Get In the Game

Now that you have some more methods for how to hack Minecraft, we hope you’re excited to get started on enchanting your items and making yourself some invincible armor.

We think this not only makes for a more challenging game but it also gives you some new ways to explore the world of Minecraft that you didn’t know was possible.

If you’re looking for more awesome tricks and news about your favorite games, then head on over to our blog for more information you can’t miss.

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