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How to Get the Legendary Beaver Skin in Red Dead Redemption 2

The best thing about Red Dead Redemption 2, aside from its amazing storyline, memorable cast of characters, and fun-as-heck gameplay, is the fact that there is so much content in the single-player mode it will boggle your mind. We’re talking quests, unlockables, secrets, Easter eggs, collectibles – you name it and RDR2 has it. It puts many JRPGs to shame, in fact. One of the most fun side ventures to do in Red Dead Redemption 2 is to hunt game.

Whether it is a fierce mountain lion or taming a horse as white as a snow drift, RDR2 has a lot of collectibles and side quests that revolve around special animals that dot the landscape.

Legendary game, in particular, provides a challenge not only for the seasoned RDR2 hunter but also a master of the game’s mechanics in general. It’s not easy to hunt legendary game, but it is always worth it and we’ll tell you why. It allows you to craft legendary gear plus it helps you tick off in-game achievements.

In this article, we’re going to tell you specifically how to take care of the legendary beaver and obtain the legendary beaver skin, an essential component of the Beaver Tooth Trinket. This item reduces the wear and tear on your weapons by some 10% and it is totally worth the time it takes to get it.

Here’s how to get the legendary beaver skin in Red Dead Redemption 2:

First things first, you should probably have a bit of experience hunting animals in RDR2 under your belt before tackling the legendary tasks. It just makes life a lot easier for you at the end of the day. Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to track the legendary animal – it won’t just appear out of nowhere like a random encounter.

Another good pointer is to bring some heavy firepower with you. Leave the bow and arrow and peashooter at home – you’re going to need something along the lines of a shotgun. Consider using a shotgun with slug ammo. You can buy that item from a fence in the game, one of which is located in Saint Denis, among other places.

Don’t worry about damaging the animal’s pelt – you can’t do that to a legendary animal. That’s part of the challenge of hunting these creatures. Some of the mechanisms that got you here have to be set aside in favor of more time-honored video game strategies like bringing the biggest, best gun you have to the boss fight.

To find the legendary beaver, you need to head to a location west of the Van Horn trading post, southeast of the Elysian Pool. This should be easy to do using your map. We recommend you take your horse there, of course.

Get into the area where the legendary animal should appear

There should be a black box that indicates you are in the correct territory for the legendary beaver to show up. When you see this area, dismount your horse and explore in a crouched position until a white question mark appears.

This white question mark designates the beginning of the tracking and hunting sequence. If neither of these things happen we suggest that you camp out nearby and this should reset the sequence and you can start over again. Also, remember as we said above, some legendary animals won’t be accessible until you’ve completed certain in-game tasks – in this case, tasks called Master Hunter quests.

When the white question mark finally appears, move towards it and investigate whatever the animal has left behind for you to track. It doesn’t matter what it is, the tracking process is pretty much the same no matter what animal it is. You will need to enter eagle eye mode to see the trail that the animal has left. Again, this should be second hand to you if you have had some RDR2 hunting experience up to this point. It will appear as a trail of sparkling glitter and it will snake in a path that leads you to the next part in the tracking sequence.

Once you follow the path to its end point you will be presented with investigating some kind of remnant the animal has left behind. Again, you will need to enter into eagle eye mode to track the animal and see the path that it has left behind. A tracking sequence is usually divided into three parts. Completing this first step will lead you to the second part of the sequence. You will need to repeat the above steps again and then come to the third evidence marker. This is the final part of the sequence and one of the most important.

When you’ve completed the third part of the tracking sequence you will then need to listen and watch for the appearance of the legendary animal. Once you spot the animal, it is advised that you use dead eye and aim for its head. You want to go for a kill shot so wait until you get a clear one – don’t just fire off randomly. Once your dead eye is depleted you can use an elixir to replenish it and keep firing away at the legendary beaver. As we pointed out in the beginning of this guide, you cannot damage the pelt of a legendary animal therefore you should not be restrained in how you attack it and what you use. The reason why you should do this is that some animals will run away and escape when attacked and that means you have to repeat the entire process over again. In fact, if you fail to kill the legendary animal, you need to camp for at least three days until it will show up again.

After you’ve killed the legendary beaver, walk up to it and skin the corpse. And that’s it – you’ve obtained the legendary beaver pelt. You can use the legendary beaver pelt to make the Beaver Tooth Trinket or even sell it to a trapper for some new clothing designs. Whatever you choose is up to you though we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted the trinket’s benefits over the aesthetic option.

That’s it – now you have to go tackle the rest of the legendary animals though the process for tracking and hunting them is largely the same. Be warned, though, some animals are more than happy to kill you as well. Easily one of RDR2’s most dynamic features, the hunting is a refreshing break from holding up trains and the unfolding Dutch van der Linde Gang’s saga.

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