How To Build Walls in Keplerth

The new game Keplerth on Steam puts you on an alien planet, forcing you to survive against the elements and the monsters in your environment. Similar to other survival games such as Minecraft, you have to collect resources, craft tools, and build yourself a shelter to do well. If you want to make shelter, you are going to have to build walls, this guide teaches you how to do that.

To make walls, you are going to have to make a furniture work bench. To this, you first have to craft a simple work bench. This is done by handcrafting one, making a wood bench with 10 wood, or a copper, iron, silver, or golden work bench with five of those respective materials. Any of the simple work benches work for crafting a furniture work bench, but keep in mind, each one only crafts with the material it is made out of, so at the start of the game, it is recommended to use a material you have a lot of, which will most likely be wood.

Once you have a simple work bench, you can make a furniture bench. Like the simple work bench, it takes 10 wood, or five of any other material. For the metal ones, you can now make walls out of three of the same type of metal that the bench is. If you have a wooden furniture bench though, you can not only make wooden walls, but also walls out of glass, sand, snow, and ice.

On top of walls, a lot more can be made with the furniture crafting bench. Doors and fences are another great tool to help keep the monsters out of your base, and away from your goods. You can also make floors, chests, tables, a bed, and decorations for your base.

We hope this guide helped you understand all that you need to know about crafting walls and other furniture in Keplerth. If you want to learn more about the game, such as how to tame animals, check out the rest of our website.

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