Red Dead Redemption 2

Hidden in the Deep West: Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs

Cowboys and … Angels? Not in this game. You’re more likely to find cowboys and vampires or serial killers. Yup – these Red Dead Redemption 2 easter eggs will leave you sleeping with your nightlight on for a few days.

Why the game is so obsessed with the macabre, we don’t know. But we do know where these eggs are – you can learn about them below.

1. The Cult Note

In the land of Emerald Ranch and the Heartland Overflow, there’s a small cabin. It’s not any abandoned cabin – it seems to be the headquarters of what was a once a cult.

If you look around you can find a note and signs that point to everyone drinking the kool-aid, aka, a mass suicide. The note has a strange sermon on it and you can pick it up and keep it.

If this didn’t creep you out too much, follow the instructions on the note. It’ll tell you to come back “at the second hour under the half moon”. If you choose to do that, then look to the skies.

You’ll find something glowing and otherworldly there.

2. The Ghost Train and the Vampire

Since we’re talking about creepy stuff, let’s talk about two more otherworldly things.

You can find the ghost train riding alongside you riding on the tracks between Lemoyne and New Hanover. Sometimes it’s there – sometimes it’s not.

The vampire, on the other hand, doesn’t hang out by the railroad tracks. For that, you’ll have to head to Saint-Denis (not the one in Paris). After you collect clues from graffiti around town, an x will mark the spot.

Come back at night and you can meet the not-so-glamorous vampire. This one is out of a horror movie – not those Twilight films.

3. Burned Bodies

Okay, so maybe we aren’t done with the creepy stuff. It seems the easter eggs in this game are full of it.

In Roanoke Valley, you’ll find the Meteor house – or a house with a big hole in the roof. On the inside, you’ll find burning and still-smoking bodies.

You may not want to stay around there much longer. Who knows when the next hot space rock will fall from the sky?

4. Hobbit Holes – Oh My!

Are you a fan of Lord of the Rings? Well, then you’re in luck. If you head east to the North East side of Bacchus Station you’ll find a round-shaped home built right into the ground.

This hobbit hole seems to have no reason to be there – no one’s ever seen any inhabitants or have any reason to believe they exist inside the game.

However, it’s a cool find and worth seeking out if you’re in that area.

5. A Damsel in . . . The Outhouse?

Maybe we’ll say that the majority of this game’s easter eggs are creepy. There’s nothing creepier than thinking you’re going to go empty your bladder and finding the outhouse chained shut.

Not chained shut – but chained shut to keep someone inside. In this case, a woman. She’ll ask you for help and it’s up to you if you let her out.

Some gamers go straight past her and loot the nearby ranch – but if you go back to play the knight in shining armor … don’t stick around.

We don’t know the exact reason but it does seem like whoever locked her in there wasn’t doing it for kicks.

You’ll find her around the back of the house at Braithwaite Manor.

6. Let’s Play a Game

No – thankfully it’s not the doll from Saw that you’ll play with. But you can make some serious cash in a dark and crumbly setting.

Head to Window Rock, near North Valentine to see a painting. When you’ve considered this work of art (or stolen it), go to Bacchus and find a cave. The cave is full of weird statues – which you’ll need to organize.

Why? We don’t know. But if you do put them in the right order you can make three gold bars – so it’s a pretty good activity when you’re low on cash.

7. White Walkers?

If you don’t think statues in a cave are creepy, then you obviously haven’t seen the angels episode of Dr. Who. But we return to the creepy obsession with this next Easter egg.

If you’re hanging out in Saint-Denis. in the swamps, you can find a man hanging lifelessly from a tree. If you approach him to – you know- give him a proper burial, ghost things attack you and try to kill you.

So maybe you want to look at this one from afar. Unless you’re up for a fight.

8. A Mutant for the Books

Have you heard about the Nazi doctor that liked to do unthinkable experiments on people at camps?

Well thankfully this experiment wasn’t on human beings – but it did seem to be on lots of different animals. If you head to the Van Horn Trading Post and go west, you’ll find a small cabin.

Go up to the second floor and you’ll see a mutant strapped to the wall – Frankenstein style. It’s your job to figure out how all those animals got stitched or bred together.

Good luck with that.

9. A Witches Cauldron

Are you hoofing it up north by the Grizzlies? If so, you can find a witches cauldron full of grey-green liquid. Obviously, you shouldn’t drink unknown potions, but some players have.

If you choose to indulge, you’ll black up and wake up, seeming to have teleported.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs

Were those enough creepy crawly easter eggs for you? You could even say they were rotten eggs – not Red Dead Redemption 2 easter eggs.

However you feel about them, they’re there for you to explore – so get to hiking.

Make sure you don’t do it all right before bed or you might have some haunted dreams.

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