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Guide to Diablo 3 Necromancer Builds

With all the different magic builds in videogames almost nothing trumps the pure aesthetics of being a necromancer. There is simply nothing more awesome than raising an army of skelly boys to do your bidding. If this is your idea of a good time like it is ours, then Diablo 3 has you covered.

On top of being fun to play, the Necromancer is easily one of the most op classes in the game if you build it right. To help you have an easier time with raising the dead, here is a basic guide to the best Diablo 3 Necromancer builds.

1. Command Skeletons Group Build

If you can’t choose whether you want to play support or damager then the command skeletons build sort of gives you the best of both worlds. Its main focus is single, large targets. It doesn’t have many AOE options.

You can go for a command skeleton build rather you’re playing in a group or solo. For the purpose of this first section, we’re going to tell you how to build it to help out a group.


The set of skills that you’re going to need to start going towards this build are Grim Sythe with the Cursed Sythe, Land of the Dead with Plaguelands, Death Nova with Blight, Command Skeletons with Kill Command, Bone Spear with Blighted Marrow, and Bone Armor with Dislocation.

On top of these skills, you’ll also need the passive skills Aberrant Animator, Swift Harvesting, Eternal Torment, and Spreading Malefication.

2. Command Skeletons Solo Build

This is the solo version of command skeletons build. It’s one of the top tier builds for Necromancer solo quests because it’s powerful and easy to get the hang of. It’s also pretty straight forward in terms of how it plays.

The only problem you may run into is the fact that you’ll be incredibly squishy. You may have issues staying alive even with the extra support from Command Skeletons and Command Golem.


The active skills that you’re going to need are Devor with Satiated, Blood Rush with Potency, Command Skeletons with Dark Mending, Frailty with Scent of Blood, Bone Armor with Thy Flesh Sustained, and Command Golem with Blood Golem.

You’re going to use all the passive skills from the group build except swap out Swift Harvesting for Draw Life.

3. Skeletal Mage Singularity Build

Most of the time when you see the word mage you think about shooting powerful spells out of your fingertips. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to force lighting your enemies but you will be able to pump out more minions.

The Skeletal Mage Singularity build works around summoning your skeletons at a quick rate and then buffing them up to be as powerful as possible.


If you like the idea of this build then you’ll want to get the active skills Simulacrum with Reservoir, Devour with Satiated, Blood Rush with Molting, Land of the Dead with Frozen Lands, Bone Armor with Dislocation, and Skeletal Mage with Singularity.

As far as passive skills you’ll want active go with Blood is Power, Overwhelming Essence, Final Service, and Life from Death.

4. Support Build with Pestilence

No matter how good your group is there is always a chance that you will become overwhelmed by the hefty amount of enemies Diablo will throw your way. Building a support necromancer with Pestilence gives you a solution to this problem.

This build is all about taking control and dealing out as much damage as possible. The only problem is that you may grab agro and again, necromancers can be pretty squishy.


If the idea of dishing out heavy loads of damage while also providing support sounds awesome to you the skills you’ll need to do it are Death Nova with Blight, Land of the Dead with Frozen Lands, Blood Rush with Metabolism, Frailty with Aura of Frailty, Devour with Cannibalize, and Corpse Lance with Brittle Touch.

The passive skills you’ll want active are all the ones from the Skeletal Mage Singularity build if you swap Overwhelming Essence for Eternal Torment.

5. Corpse Lance Build

The best word to describe this build is versatile. It works no matter if you want to run through the game by yourself or with a group of friends. If you like the challenge that comes from tackling the game at higher difficulties, this build is capable of putting out enough damage for you to not get overwhelmed.


If versatile is your middle name, you’re going to need to grab the active skills Corpse Lance with Brittle Touch, Simulacrum with Reservoir, Blood Rush with Molting, Land of the Dead with Frozen Lands, and Decrepify with Borrowed Time.

Your Passive Skills are going to be Stand Alone, Overwhelming Essence, Blood is Power, and Spreading Malefication.

Diablo 3 Necromancer Builds You Can Use Solo or with a Group

If you’re the kind of person who takes joy in DPS classes then the necromancer is going to be the class for you in Diablo 3. It’s fun and has devastating skills depending on the build you go with. The biggest problem that you’ll run into is that the class can be a little on the fragile side.

Use this guide to the top tier Diablo 3 necromancer builds to flood the fields with your skeletal powerhouses.

Does the Necromancer not sound like it would fall into your play style? Don’t worry it’s not the only awesome DPS class in the game. Keep reading for a quick guide on the best builds for all the classes.

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