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Free Levels? Cheating In Warzone Is Worse Than Ever

Every gamer who has played online has come across a cheater at least once in their life. They occur in pretty much every game in one form or another. Warzone is no different. Recently, there has been a surge in the number of players cheating in the popular battle royale. Normally, game developers will do everything they can to stop players from cheating. Mass bans and protections from mods in the game are two ways that this could be done. But, with the new ways that people are cheating, it is going to be very hard for them to do anything without banning innocent players.

For as long as shooter games have been around, there have been players who have been hacking them. Even games like Diablo 3 get cheaters. In previous Call of Duty games, we typically see people with hacks that allow them to get kills easily. Aim-bots are the usual example of this, where your aim is perfect without even trying. Some aim-bots will automatically aim you sights at an enemies head, while others will give you magnetized bullets, that will hit enemies no matter where you fire. There are also wall hacks, where you can see enemies through walls, making it so that you always know where they are. Both of these exist in Warzone and have been a problem for a while now, but there is a new way that people are hacking that will become an even bigger issue.

One of the new ways that people have been hacking the game recently is actually by unlocking things for other players. With this new hack, when you kill a hacker, it causes you to get an infinite amount of XP, which takes to to level 1000 immediately and unlocks everything in the battle pass. It often doesn’t just stop there though. The hackers can make it so that you also unlock every camo in the game and unlock every blueprint and skin from the shop. Normally, these would cost money, but players are able to get them all for free just because they were able to kill a hacker. Nickmercs was one player who had this happen to him on stream. While many players may not mind this kind of hacking, this is dangerous for Activision.

Blueprint and skin bundles are the only way that Activision can make money off of Warzone as it is a free to play game. So if people are all of the sudden getting them for free, it is a massive blow to them and their profits. Of course, Activision is going to want to ban all of the hackers, but because it is a free to play game, they can very easily make new accounts with no downside and keep on using the same hacks. The real danger with this is not the hackers though, it is those who are affected by them. There is potential that Activision, when going through and banning the hackers, accidentally bans non-hackers who were affected by the cheating. This would cause tons of people to lose not only the progress on their account, but also the money that they spent on weapon and skin bundles.

The one thing that they could do is to reset everyone’s progress to where it was before they were affected by the hacks, but even that poses some risks. People could potentially lose things that they had earned fairly, or run into glitches where it says they have unlocked something, but it does not allow them to equip it. This is still better than having your whole account be lost though. While these hackers certainly are a menace, Activision does have some blame in the situation. For the last year, hacking has slowly gotten worse and worse and they have done very little about it. It has gotten to the point where players with high kill to death ratios cannot even get into a lobby without at least one hacker. If they do not do something about this soon, we will likely see big streamers begin to quit as a consequence.

What do you think about all of the cheating that has been going on? Have you been noticing it as much as the streamers are? Let us know in the comments. If you want to see more Warzone content, make sure to see our page on Call of Duty.

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