Fortnite x Avengers: The New Biggest Crossover

The highly anticipated movie Avengers: Endgame is coming out this week, and it seems as though Fortnite would like some of that excitement too. Following in the footsteps of last years collaboration with the creation of the limited time Infinity Gauntlet mode, Fortnite released the new and exciting limited time mode called Endgame in the most recent patch. The game mode is new and exciting, all while featuring a little bit of nostalgia.

The game mode is based on the movie, with there being two large teams, one which is the Hero team, and one which is team Thanos. To win, both teams must complete their objectives, which will cause the other team to no longer have the ability to respawn. Once everyone on the other team has been eliminated, the team which is still standing wins. The teams have both very different powers, and very different objectives.

Team Thanos has the objective which they have in the movie Infinity War, which is to collect all of the infinity stones on the map. Each stone spawns in a new location at different times, and also gives Thanos additional powers, such as the ability to regain health for every kill, double his health, and do three times the amount of damage. Team Thanos consists of Chitauri Invaders, and of course: Thanos. The Chitauri are a race of alien warriors who come equipped with a jetpack, a laser rifle, and an alien grenade launcher that makes light work of structures. All of these creatures also have the ability to turn into Thanos. The first player to retrieve an infinity stone is the first one to turn into Thanos. After they die, the gauntlet will be dropped, and the first player on team Thanos to retrieve it gets to be Thanos. Once all of the infinity stones have been collected, the Hero Team will stop respawning, and once they have all been eliminated, Team Thanos will win.

The Hero team has the opposite objective, to prevent Team Thanos from collecting all the stones. Doing this is simple in concept, as you just have to kill all the Chitauri who try to pick up stones, but it is very difficult in practice, as they have powerful weapons and Thanos on their side. They do have one advantage though, as the Hero Team has its own powerful weapons, specifically ones used by the Avengers. You can use Thor’s axe: Stormbreaker, Captain America’s Shield, Iron Man’s thrusters, or Hawkeye’s Bow. Each of them give specific powers, and all can be collected by the hero team. If used wisely, Thanos can be defeated.

There are lots of rewards that can come from this gamemode in the form of in game items. By doing things like damaging other players with Thor’s Axe, or destroying buildings with Thanos’s gauntlet, you can unlock things ranging from XP to a super unique Avengers glider. If you are wondering how to do this, well then we recommend you hop onto Fortnite and check it out yourself.

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