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Everything You Need To Know About The Moose In RDR 2

The moose is one of the biggest and most visible animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. Like the cow, it is a large herbivore mammal that can still be dangerous to the player if not careful. The moose has many uses to the player for crafting, and also has a legendary version that you can get antlers and pelts from.

Best Weapon To Kill The Moose With

Since the moose is such a large animal, it is important that you use a powerful weapon. At the same time, you do not want to use something that will hurt the kill quality, as it will make all the effort you previously went through be pointless. Because of this, we recommend we use a rifle or a sniper rifle. Any ammo works as long as it is not explosive. A bow with improved arrows is also a viable weapon. To make hunting easier, make sure you use herbivore bait.

Moose Locations

The moose is most likely to be found in remote, forested locations that the player would not expect to be often otherwise.

Moose Items

MaterialCostKill Quality
Legendary Moose Pelt$35.00Legendary
Legendary Moose Antler$0.00Legendary
Perfect Moose Fur$7.50Perfect
Good Moose Fur$4.50Good
Poor Moose Fur$3.00Poor
Moose Antler$1.75Any
Mature Venison$0.60Any

Moose Crafting

Item NamePricingHow to unlock
Legendary Pronghorn Coat$35.00Legendary Pronghorn Hide, Perfect Moose Pelt
Legendary Moose Hunting Jacket$24.00Legendary Moose Pelt, Perfect Wolf Pelt
Legendary Moose Moccasins$22.00Legendary Moose Pelt, Perfect Cow Hide
Moose Range Gloves$22.00Prefect Moose Pelt
Moose Batwing Chaps$10.00Perfect Moose Pelt
Mosse Half Chaps$10.00Perfect Moose Pelt
Moose Antler Trinket$19.00Legendary Moose Antler
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