Will Fortnite Officially Beat Out Apex Legends for Best Battle Royale?

When Apex Legends first released in early February this year, it immediately was a huge hit in the battle royale community, beating out Fortnite for the most streamed game and hitting 25 million users in one week. By the time it 50 million just a month after its release, it seemed apparent that it would take over. However, as it reached this mark, things began to change.

By the time Apex was hitting its peak, Fortnite released its best updates ever, almost revolutionizing the game. While many players had left Fortnite due to the staleness of the game, and the new features in Apex such as being able to choose your own Apex Legends hero to play as each game, Fortnite brought back most of those who left with the amazing new gameplay that it introduced to the game. There were now things in Fortnite like the ability to receive materials and health upon each kill, new guns, and overpowered weapons like the RPG were nerfed as to make them balanced again. Overall, Fortnite became a better game than it originally was.

For the month that Fortnite was like this, the game had never been more exciting. Skilled players enjoyed it because they felt like they were getting rewarded. New players felt like there were lots of ways to improve. There was an exciting Fortnite World Cup. The shotgun meta even felt balanced for once in the game’s history. For these last few weeks of season 7 and first few weeks of season 8, the game had never felt better. But that all changed.

With update v8.20, Epic games removed Siphon, the mechanic which gave materials and health per kill. Immediately, the game started going down hill. People stopped enjoying the game and many left to play other games. And Epic has not helped its situation with its latest decisions.

Following this, many bad decisions have been made regarding the weapon pool with Fortnite. Many of the core weapons have been removed from the game, along with many weak weapons deluding the spawns, causing the game to become very frustrating for many. Ever since v8.20, every update has been filled with questionable vaults and even more questionable additions.

Image result for fortnite pump shotgun

The most significant of these was the pump shotgun, the staple weapon in Fortnite. The pump was vaulted at the start of season 9. No matter how much skill you had or how long you had played the game, the pump shotgun would be in your inventory as long as you could find one. Due to Fortnite’s incredibly fast speed of movement and the fights being in such close quarters, this gun was the ideal weapon due to its high damage and the fact that it did burst damage. You also had the ability to one-shot anyone in the head with this gun, as from close range a headshot would do over 200 damage. It was one of the most common weapons to spawn as well. When looting a building, you could expect to find at least one of these. With the removal of its staple weapon, Fortnite immediately felt different.

Image result for fortnite silenced smg

A similar thing could be said about the silenced SMG. This gun, while coming in a common, uncommon, a rare rarity, was likely the most balanced gun in the game. It was accurate and gave good spray damage but still required skill to use, it gave out good damage but not too much damage, and it destroyed builds well without making them obsolete. Almost everyone in the game would carry both a pump shotgun and a silenced SMG if they could. However, Epic recently decided to vault this gun as well, adding bad weapons in its place.

Image result for fortnite burst smg

Following the removal of two of the most loved weapons in the game, a new gun came into Fortnite, the Burst SMG. This gun is a painful reminder of the widely hated Burst Assault Rifle. The gun has a magazine size of 24, shoots four bullets with one trigger pull, does 23/24/25 damage, has a decently long reload time, and is the least accurate gun in the game. No matter how good your aim is, you will hit at best two shots per trigger pull, which means that this gun can be outdone by the common pistol if you get unlucky. On top of this, it is easily the most common weapon in the game, making your chances of living off of spawn based more on luck than any other time in the games history. This gun alone has made the game less fun, but it is not the only annoying weapon clogging up loot spawns.

Image result for fortnite semi auto sniper

Though other weak guns like the scoped revolver and one of the Scoped Assault Rifles, Epic decided to unvault the Scoped Sniper, a gun that no one enjoys using and is a death sentence if it is the first weapon you find. Along with this, the much more useful Hunting Rifle was vaulted, meaning that this gun was given a higher drop rate, especially in chests. These past few weapon updates have made the loot pool worse than it has ever been.

So one has to wonder, with the removal of the best guns and the addition of some of the worst guns ever into Fortnite, will this cause people to leave the game. Well the answer, not yet, but likely soon. Though the game has been bad for a few months now, there is still hope for many that the game will once again improve. Along with this, many of the biggest streamers still play Fortnite due to the World Cup, which has a $30 million prize pool and many chances to qualify. However, Apex legends does have a very loyal and competitive fanbase, with new players still joining. While this is true for Fortnite, once most of the streamers leave to go play other games, many players will leave as well. If Apex can draw those streamers to their game, then they will have won. Apex also has one significant advantage: its game is consistent. While many think that a changing game is better, it is much better to have a game that stays the same and is always good than a game with a new Meta every week. Only time will tell though to see which game is the superior battle royale.

Fortnite x Avengers: The New Biggest Crossover

The highly anticipated movie Avengers: Endgame is coming out this week, and it seems as though Fortnite would like some of that excitement too. Following in the footsteps of last years collaboration with the creation of the limited time Infinity Gauntlet mode, Fortnite released the new and exciting limited time mode called Endgame in the most recent patch. The game mode is new and exciting, all while featuring a little bit of nostalgia.

The game mode is based on the movie, with there being two large teams, one which is the Hero team, and one which is team Thanos. To win, both teams must complete their objectives, which will cause the other team to no longer have the ability to respawn. Once everyone on the other team has been eliminated, the team which is still standing wins. The teams have both very different powers, and very different objectives.

Team Thanos has the objective which they have in the movie Infinity War, which is to collect all of the infinity stones on the map. Each stone spawns in a new location at different times, and also gives Thanos additional powers, such as the ability to regain health for every kill, double his health, and do three times the amount of damage. Team Thanos consists of Chitauri Invaders, and of course: Thanos. The Chitauri are a race of alien warriors who come equipped with a jetpack, a laser rifle, and an alien grenade launcher that makes light work of structures. All of these creatures also have the ability to turn into Thanos. The first player to retrieve an infinity stone is the first one to turn into Thanos. After they die, the gauntlet will be dropped, and the first player on team Thanos to retrieve it gets to be Thanos. Once all of the infinity stones have been collected, the Hero Team will stop respawning, and once they have all been eliminated, Team Thanos will win.

The Hero team has the opposite objective, to prevent Team Thanos from collecting all the stones. Doing this is simple in concept, as you just have to kill all the Chitauri who try to pick up stones, but it is very difficult in practice, as they have powerful weapons and Thanos on their side. They do have one advantage though, as the Hero Team has its own powerful weapons, specifically ones used by the Avengers. You can use Thor’s axe: Stormbreaker, Captain America’s Shield, Iron Man’s thrusters, or Hawkeye’s Bow. Each of them give specific powers, and all can be collected by the hero team. If used wisely, Thanos can be defeated.

There are lots of rewards that can come from this gamemode in the form of in game items. By doing things like damaging other players with Thor’s Axe, or destroying buildings with Thanos’s gauntlet, you can unlock things ranging from XP to a super unique Avengers glider. If you are wondering how to do this, well then we recommend you hop onto Fortnite and check it out yourself.

Why Does Fortnite Keep Bringing Back Rare Skins?

One of the most popular games of all time is none other than the Battle Royale game called Fortnite. The third person shooter is not only famous for its unusual gameplay mechanic of building, which is different from building in Diablo 3, but also for its vibrant colors and and skins. For those who do not know, Fortnite has an item shop where players can buy purely cosmetic items in the form of skins, backblings, pickaxes, dances, weapon wraps, and gliders. While this seems to be a harmless concept in an otherwise free to play game, it has become the topic of lots of controversy.

As those who have been play the game know, there is more than one way to get skins in Fortnite. Not only can they be purchased from the shop, but they can also be acquired through bundles in the store, through promotions like with the iKonik skin, and through the battlepass. Some of these skins can become rare, and this is why they can be so controversial.

There are two ways that a skin can become rare: by being in a battle pass and by not being released in the shop a lot. While the battlepass guarantees that the skin will not come back, the shop does not. Some skins in the shop will get released once or twice, only to not come back for a year. When this happens, not only does the skin become rare, a lot of attention get drawn to it, causing people who do not have it to want it. Similarly, people who have it, want it to stay rare, as to them it is something special. Though many push for them to stay rare, they Epic Games often rereleases them back into the shop. They receive lots of backlash from this, but why do they still do it?

Well there are two reasons why they do this. The first reason is expected by many: money. When hype builds around a skin, lots of people will want to have it, causing lots of people to want to buy it if it returns to the shop. To most people who do not like the fact that their rare skin will be available to everybody, they say things like Epic is “money hungry” and get annoyed because they do not care that some people value their rare skins. However, there is another, much more overlooked reason.

Epic wants everyone to enjoy their cosmetic items. Similarly to why they banned stretched resolution, at the end of the day, Fortnite is a game that is made for everyone to enjoy, and no one wants to miss out on an item that was in the shop on a day they either couldn’t play, or when they did not even start playing the game yet. While many would have hoped that their Christmas skins would stay rare, for example, those who did not play during the previous Christmas time would still want to enjoy them. Remember, if you do not like how Epic brings back rare skins, just remember that someone else is enjoying it.

games like fortnite

Battle Royale: What Are the Best Games Like Fortnite?

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm. As a matter of fact, over 250 million people have played since its launch. Battle Royale mode of Fortnite is free, and it’s attracting all kinds of users.

Since Fortnite’s launch in 2017, video game players are looking for more games like Fortnite. Keep reading to find out the best similar games and how to get them.

What Are Battle Royale Games?

Battle Royale video games are games that come down to survival. They feature gameplay that encourages exploration, scavenging, and survival. There are a lot of survival games out there, but Battle Royales are a league of their own.

We’ve seen Battle Royales before in several types of media: The Hunger Games is one popular novel trilogy-turned-movie that made battle royales a household theme.

Like in The Hunger Games, Battle Royale game rounds begin with multiple players. These players are slowly killed off by others (or kicked off of the gameplay map as some maps will slowly shrink to force players to come face-to-face, rather than hiding on the outskirts of the map).

Players are given one life and in most versions of this popular gameplay, can’t respawn during rounds. There can only be one winner and that person typically wins some sort of prize: whether it’s virtual game currency, experience points, or equipment for gameplay.

Battle Royale games started popping up in 2012, and have become popular in the mainstream gaming arena as of 2018.

Why Are Battle Royale Games So Popular?

Because many games like Fortnite are free to play, they attract a huge player base. Younger crowds are able to play and compete without having to spend their allowance on the game. Not only that, but the player versus player gameplay is fun for all involved.

Battle Royale games have the potential for low overhead, since only one map needs to be created. The ability to customize your characters is also an attractive feature.

Another thing to note is the ability to play these games anywhere. If you’re not a hardcore gamer, there are browser games available. You can download Fortnite and other battle royale games from your phone’s app store, or you can purchase full versions for every platform imaginable. When you’re able to play on the go, it becomes so much easier to become an expert — and to win.

Last but certainly not least: it feels really good to win. Battle Royale games have one very clear winner. Unlike other games which may not offer an explicit winner, Battle Royale games do. There is no question whether you’ve won or lost (and everyone can agree that winning is so much fun).

Battle Royale Games Like Fortnite

At this point, there are so many Battle Royale games that it’s safe to say they’re a dime a dozen. You can find them virtually anywhere, and many of them are free to play. However, some games do stand apart because of unique maps, gameplay, special abilities, features, prizes, and more.

Check out this list of Battle Royale games like Fortnite, which includes details regarding their distinctive features and also indicates what sets them apart.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds A.K.A. PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as “PUBG” was born before Fortnite. In fact, it seems like many of the details in Fortnite may have been inspired by the gameplay of PUBG. These games have a lot in common.

However, in contrast with Fortnite, PUBG’s graphics are more realistic. Gameplay in PUBG can get really intense because it is more realistic. PUBG players are typically more cautious — seeking safety while lining up their next headshot, instead of running toward the action as Fortnite players are wont to do.

PUBG and Fortnite continue to evolve, with updated versions released periodically.

PUBG released a free version earlier this year, so the game is available to all users. Paid versions are available on other operating systems.

Release date: March 23, 2017
Price range: Free to $29.99
Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android


Maelstrom is unique in that the game has a Kickstarter campaign, allowing users to assist in funding the game in exchange for cool game bundles. Besides the Kickstarter, the gameplay sets itself apart from other games like Fortnite because it’s set in ships on the water.

Release date: April 11, 2018
Price range: $19.99
Available on: PC


Minecraft isn’t what you’d call a Battle Royale, typically. However, on the “Hunger Games” Minecraft server, you can find Battle Royale-esque gameplay, where players are culled until only one remains.

Release date: May 17, 2009
Price range: Free to $26.95
Available on: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and more

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a relative newcomer to the Battle Royale front but is definitely holding its own. Apex Legends counts fifty million players — a significant number for a new release, compared to Fortnite. It took only eight hours for the game to reach a million players.

A downside of that unexpected explosive growth is that it’s a lot for the fledgling game to handle. Rest assured that the game developers are working hard to rectify these issues and ensure seamless gameplay in the coming months.

Release date: February 4, 2019
Price range: Free to play, with in-app purchases and external purchases available to enhance play
Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout

This multi-player first-person shooter game features a Battle Royale mode called Blackout. In past iterations of Call of Duty, there was not a Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty’s Battle Royale mode has a few customizations available. “Close Quarters” is just what it sounds like: forcing players into a more competitive mode to battle it out in close proximity to one another. Also available is “Fast Collapse,” a game style that minimizes the gameplay map quicker than normal.

Release date: October 12, 2018
Price range: $39.99 – $59.99
Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation

Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is a class of its own when it comes to Battle Royale games. It differs from your typical Battle Royale game because users aren’t dropped onto the map: instead, they’re able to select where they’ll start the game. Not only that, but you can see where others are choosing to spawn, too — giving you time to get your game plan in place.

Also unlike most Battle Royale games, users have a starter kit of sorts: they don’t have to scavenge for supplies or weapons, because these are given to your character before the melee begins.

Release date: September 19, 2018
Price range: Free to play
Available on: PC

The Culling

The Culling features only sixteen players for their Battle Royale. The game is a free to play title — something that came about after the sequel game (aptly titled The Culling 2) failed to impress players, who are enamored with Fortnite and PUBG. The game couldn’t pull enough users to run full matches, which lead to developers revisiting The Culling and focusing on making it free for all users.

Release date: March 4, 2016
Price range: Free to play
Available on: Linux, PC, Xbox One

Realm Royale

A spin-off of the game Paladins, Realm Royale features multi-tier characters (not unlike Diablo 3) whom all have unique abilities. The game allows “Squad” play mode, so players can form teams of four each. Players who are knocked down are transformed into a chicken, and can sometimes be revived if they survive in this form.

Release date: June 5, 2018
Price range: Free to play
Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Dying Light: Bad Blood

This Battle Royale has a frightening twist: zombies. This game pits you against eleven other plays on the battlefield. The game is interesting because it’s not just PvP (player versus player) but also PvE (player versus environment) — a true PvPvE.

Release date: September 13, 2018
Price range: $19.99
Available on: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Rapture Rejects

Have you ever seen those Cyanide and Happiness comics?

Those sarcastic little cartoon characters have sprung to life in this post-apocalyptic Battle Royale game. In Rapture Rejects, you’re fighting your way to the pearly gates of heaven. Last man (or woman) standing makes it in.

Release date: November 29, 2018
Price range: $19.99
Available on: PC


This game hasn’t been released yet, but a 17-hour beta that ran in January on Steam was super promising.

Players are equipped with special abilities (you can choose from powers like teleporting, invisibility, and self-healing), jet packs, and hoverbikes. The futuristic PvP game also allows you to play in duos mode, so grab your bestie before this release.

Release date: Coming in 2019
Price range:
Available on: PC

Last Tide

One word sets this game apart from your run of the mill Battle Royale: underwater. You read that right: this game is set underwater. Fight against ninety-nine other players, sharks, megalodons, and more in this notable game map.

Squad up. Dive in. Try to win.

Release date: August 2018 for early access
Price range: $24.95
Available on: PC


This 2-d game is free to play and easy to access. Play directly in your browser, or on your phone (available for iOS and Android). Like most Battle Royale games, you have just one life — no respawning in this game.

It’s top-down gameplay, meaning you view the map and your character from above. You have to choose the right weapons and gear in order to win.

Release date: October 2017
Price range: Free to play
Available on: Web browser, iOS, Android

Super Animal Royale

This top-down indie game lets you play as an adorable, bloodthirsty animal. Whether you’re a tiger, fox, or panda, you’ll always have a full player match as the game will populate the map with AI opponents if there aren’t enough live players to do so.

Right now, you can play solo or duos and a squad mode is in the works for a future update. There are over sixty animal breeds to unlock and play.

Release date: December 12, 2018
Price range: Free to $12.99
Available on: PC, Macintosh OS

Radical Heights

This game is in early access — essentially, while the game is playable, the developers are still working on creating the best version of the game before a full release.

That said, the 80’s-inspired map lends itself to funny and irreverent gameplay. Zip lines, BMX bikes, and game show sets make this Battle Royale attractive and fun.

Release date: April 10, 2018
Price range: Free to play
Available on: PC

Islands of Nyne

Islands of Nyne is a fifty-player Battle Royale game. It’s free to play, but it wasn’t always. The game became too much of a financial burden for its developers, who transitioned the game from paid play to free back in 2018.

Islands of Nyne is faster-paced than most games like Fortnite. The battle-scape is diverse and unlike most other Battle Royale games in that it allows players to really explore the whole map. Even though this one is no longer being updated, it’s definitely still one to try.

Release date: July 12, 2018
Price range: Free to play
Available on: PC

Gotta Have More Battle Royale?

Many of the games mentioned above are in early access, meaning there’s a ton of room to grow.

The Battle Royale game genre is growing and adapting daily. Don’t expect this type of gameplay to go anywhere any time soon — you will surely be able to find all types of games like Fortnite. As the genre grows, there will absolutely be more cool maps, features, abilities, and twists on Battle Royale to explore.

Ready to check out some other games? Here are some 2019 blockbusters.

The Reason Why Fortnite Banned Stretched Resolution That Isn’t Talked About

If you follow Fortnite news closely you will know that recently, Epic Games posted saying that in the new Arena mode and in the Fortnite World Cup, players resolutions will be locked at the perspective of 16:9 (you can read more about it here).

This is not the first time that Epic has banned stretched resolutions, with the Summer Skirmish not featuring any resolution besides native.

Recently however, stretched resolutions had been allowed in competitions, such as the Secret Skirmish. Yet for some reason, they decided to ban stretched resolution, which people had been practicing on for over a year, just 10 days before the World Cup Qualifiers.

The main reason why many people think they did this was due to the fact that Fortnite does not look as good on stretched resolution, and most people would not want to watch professionals play on resolutions with a close to 1:1 ratio. While this makes a lot of sense due to Epic’s history of hating stretched, yet there is a much more important reason why they did this.

Stretched resolution could be considered an unfair advantage over those who do not use it. While many would argue that those who do not use it should just switch to using it, it is not that simple, as only PC players can play on stretched resolution. Xbox, PS4, Switch, and mobile players are all locked in the ratio of 16:9.

Though this does make many of the professional Fortnite players mad, as all of them play on PC, Epic wants to make sure that EVERYONE has equal chance of qualifying, as many cannot afford the expensive computers that many pros have.

While Epic Games once again makes a decision that the community hates, like the v8.20 update last week, in the end, they are just doing what they feel will be good for the most amount of people.

Will Fortnite Bounce Back From v8.20?

Fortnite is without a doubt one of the most popular games to ever hit the market, hitting over 250 million users recently. However, the creators at Epic Games came out with what became the most controversial update in the history of the game, v8.20. While finally adding in a ranked game mode that had been asked for by the community for so long, the update reverted the most loved change to ever come to fortnite.

As many of you may know, Fortnite is a 100 player battle royale with the core mechanic of building. In the game, to build, you need materials, which can be collected by destroying in game things such as trees, rocks, and cars, which would yield wood, brick, and metal, respectively. Along with this, there is a health and shield system, and the only ways to get health or shield were from items found throughout the map.

Why these to things made Fortnite unique, there was one major problem which would often make the game frustrating for players of all skill levels: luck. The amount of health regenerating or shield boosting items found in a single game was left completely up to luck, meaning that you could enter a fight with full health and shield and shields to spare, or with no shield at all simply because of how lucky you got off of spawn.

Along with this, materials will often be used in large quantities during fights, which would often cause players to run out of them during one. So, after many hard earned kills, and the opponents you killed could be completely out of materials, leaving you defenseless. On top of this, your opponents may not have had any extra healing items or shields, which would leave often you weak and vulnerable after engaging in fights.

Because of this, staying away from fights at all costs would often be advantageous due if you already had the weapon load out you desired. This would often lead to boring gameplay where many players would drop along the edges of the map and spend 10 to 15 minutes simply collecting materials and hiding as to prepare for the end of the game.

This was all changed when a few months ago, Epic Games added the feature of killing someone will automatically reward you with 50 health or shield (health if health is needed and shield if health is already full) and 50 of each kind of material upon each kill. This change rewarded aggressive gameplay, making it so that no matter what happened during the fight, the player who got the kill would never be left completely vulnerable.

This change was overwhelmingly loved by the Fortnite community, with everyone from professionals to casuals feeling as though the game was now better off. However, that all changed with patch v8.20, where it was reverted.

The reversion of what was considered the best thing to ever come to fortnite was not taken well by anyone. People immediately took to reddit and twitter complaining about the update and asking Epic to revert the changes. After they were left in the game, people immediately moved to different games, with some of Fortnite’s top streamers, such as Ninja and Dr Lupo, even going as far to stream uno on Twitch rather than play Fortnite.

Fortnite has almost died on many occasions. During the summer of 2018, there was a meta of “spray and pray,” which made many users frustrated with how small the skill gap had become. Fortnite’s Season 7 made many players question why they still played, with the additions of a mystical sword and planes, which proved nearly impossible to defend against. Not too long ago, Apex Legends blew up, causing Fortnite to not be the most streamed game for the first time in around a year. Yet somehow, the game recovered from all of this.

Now Epic Games has to dig itself out of the biggest hole yet, and the question is, can they? They would definitely have to start by reverting the changes they made in v8.20. But that likely would only make the hardcore fans come back.

What would fortnite have to do to bring back the mostly casual players is the real question. There would likely have to be some big promotional event similar to the in game Marshmello concert. However, this could prove costly.

The one thing that we would recommend Epic doing would be simple. This Tuesday, revert the changes and make the patch notes for v8.21 say one thing, “April Fools.”