Beyond Fun: 5 Surprising Benefits of RP Games

Imagine you’re a fighter, defending your home against hoards of monsters. Or a mage learning a new spell for the first time.

You’re a part of a large group of like-minded adventurers, with the whole mystical world as your playground.

This kind of immersive experience is the appeal of roleplaying games. But RP games are more than imaginative adventures you can have with your friends. Not only do you hone your character’s skills, but you also gain experience for your own personal skills while playing.

1. Strengthen Social Skills

Despite the TV shows depicting role play games as something only a loner would do, an RP game is actually full of different social interactions.

You have to listen to what people around you are saying and react to the conversation in order to keep your character alive and well. You spend hours in the company of others, working together to try and make your way through the adventure. This exercise helps build social skills in a lot of significant ways.

2. Build Friendships

Alongside your growing social skills, these kinds of games are always a great way to make new and lasting friendships.

After spending hours working on a campaign with the same group, you’re bound to grow as friends at the same time. That’s why it’s always so strange to see the stigma that only friendless nerds play things like Dungeons&Dragons. When, in fact, roleplaying games set the basis for friendship more than competitive games like Fortnite.

3. Exercise Imagination and Creativity

In true roleplay fashion, most games use nothing more than pen and paper and your imagination. Some people find this to be a point against the greatness of roleplaying games, but we argue that it’s one of the core benefits of roleplaying games.

Working with your imagination and creativity can give you a break from reality, lessening stress and anxiety. Plus, it carries over to other things as well, helping strengthen your innovation. You could end up impressing your boss or your teacher with your next creative idea.

4. Practice Problem Solving

Most games are a series of different problems, all lined up for you to solve in a variety of ways. Roleplaying games are much the same. Except for this time you have to think through the problem on your own rather than rely on visual cues given to you by the gaming interface.

But it is a similar experience. For example, if you’re a fan of games like Skyrim, then chances are good that roleplaying games would be right up your alley.

5. Sharpen Those Math Skills

It might not be large algebra equations, but every RP session will see you take out all of those things you learned in school and apply them in a fun way. With every attack roll or every saving throw, you’ll be adding up or subtracting numbers.

Bringing out the calculator on your phone might not be cheating, but where’s the fun in that?

Become Someone New in Your RP Games

RP games are the more refined version of playing pretend. Your possibilities are limitless. You become your character while you play and you get to explore a new world every session.

Along the way, you’ll level up in life in much the same way as you level up your beloved characters.

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