Best Tips to do well in Dark Souls

Playing various games are so fun that many people can’t resist enjoying them. Once you are into the game the only aim is to win the game without dying. However, this is not easy and it requires the consistent playing of the game. The pain you feel when you die in the game excruciating and then each person only desires to go a little further and defeat the position that defeated us. Dark Souls is one such game you may have thought that it is too difficult by some tips and tricks will take you to the end of the game and you will be happily satisfied. Many survival games are also like this. Here are the tips that you should know:

1.Pick the right gift:

When you start the game you are given the choice to select from a list of items. You can choose the Master key which is useful in unlocking many doors throughout the Dark Souls. However there are more alternatives also, The Black Firebombs will make your fights easy, the Old Witch’s Ring helps you to talk to an NPC later in the Dark Souls game. The Tiny Being’s Ring increases your health which is helpful at the beginning of the game.

2. Importance of stats:

If you do not understand what each stat do then you will be unable to successfully play the game. Therefore, you should be aware of what stats to increase according to the need of the game. Vitality is used to increase the max HP, attainment increases the number of magic spells you can have, endurance increases your stamina and weight, strength enables you to have strength based weapons and enhance damage of your STR weapons, dexterity increases your dexterity based weapons, DEX weapon damage and velocity of magic spells, intelligence helps you to use sorcery spells and increasing damage of spells and INT weapons, Faith helps you to cast miracle spells and also increase damage of FAI spells and weapons.

3.Picking back your souls:

As you play Dark Souls, you kill enemies is helpful in leveling up the game. If you die you will lose all the souls but you can pick them back once you run back to where you died. Grab them as quick as you can because if you die a second time you will lose all your souls.

4.Keep a shield:

Well, you don’t have to rely on the shield entirely but still, it is good to have it handy. Place it in your off-hand and make the use of it when you feel threatened. After you have learnt the attack patterns, dodging is more fun than saving yourself with a shield.


If you love to do magic then you should first try pyromancy, since doing magic is tricky and difficult. It requires no minimum stats requirement like sorcery or miracles. You just need the pyromancy flame which can be achieved by finding an NPC Laurentius or by choosing pyromancer class at character creation.

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