All Console Commands for Subnautica

Every true gamer has at knows that to maximize the amount of fun you have in a game, you have to mess with the console commands. Subnautica is no different. Luckily for us, there is a plethora of commands that can be done to make the game more enjoyable. While our personal favorites are madloot and the different teleportation cheats, we are going to teach you how to do all of them.

How to Enable the Console

Before you start messing with the commands, you have to first have to enable the console. It is a simple process, that only takes a short 5 steps.

  1. Open the sub-menu by pressing F3
  2. Free the mouse by pressing F8
  3. Find the Disable Console option, make sure that it is unchecked
  4. Press F8 and F3 once more to get yourself back into the game.
  5. Using the “~” key, open the console. This may vary based on your keyboard

You will be able to keep the Disable console setting off for the lifetime of your game, but every time you restart, you need to re-enable that setting.

Teleportation Commands

The teleportation glitches will send you to any where of your choosing. You can be sent to a specific biome, point of interest, coordinates, forward, to a vehicle, or to just respawn.

  • Biome safe (you will go to safe shadows)
  • Biome kelp
  • Biome kelp_cave
  • Biome grassy
  • Biome grassy_cave
  • Biome mountains
  • Biome moutains_cave
  • Biome deepgrand
  • Biome bloodkelp
  • Biome underislands
  • Biome smokers
  • Biome inactivelavart
  • Biome islands
  • Biome tree
  • Biome lostriver
  • Biome lavazone
  • Biome mushroom
  • Biome koosh
  • Biome koosh_cave
  • Biome jelly
  • Biome shroom
  • Biome sparse
  • Biome reef
  • Biome grandreef
  • Biome dunes

goto [name] — Sends you to the location that you name

warp [x] [y] [z] — Send you to your desired coordinates

warpforward [length] — Sends you however many meters forward you desire

warpme — Sends you to the last vehicle or base you were in

spawn — Spawns you in a nearby place, helpful if stuck

randomstart — Send you to the lifepod

kill — Kills your player causing you to respawn on the lifepod

Item Spawning

item [item] [number] — Spawns item in desired quantity in your inventory

spawn [item] [number] — Spawns item in desired quantity inf ront of you

clearinventory — Self explanatory

sub cyclops — Spawn the Cyclops.

sub aurora — Spawn the Aurora (look behind you).

seaglide — Spawns a seaglide.

vehicleupgrades — Gives you all common vehicle modules.

seamothupgrades — Gives you all Seamoth modules.

exosuitupgrades — Gives you all Prawn Suit modules.

exosuitarms — Gives you all Prawn Suit arms.

spawnloot — Spawns quartz, copper ore, gold, magnesium, salt deposit, and four metal salvage.

madloot — Gives glass, titanium, a survival knife, a habitat builder, computer chips, batteries, and a scanner in your inventory

resourcesfor [item] — Gives you the resources needed to craft specific item

ency [name] — Unlocks specific databank entry.

ency — Unlocks all entries

unlock [blueprint] — Unlocks specific blueprint

unlockall — All blueprints become unlocked

Cheats and modifications

bobthebuilder — Spawns a habitat builder, survival knife, scanner and repair tool to your inventory. Fastbuild, fastgrow, fasthatch, unlockall, nocost, radiation also get turned on.

fastgrow — Plants grow fast.

nocost — Unlimited ability to use the fabricator, habitat builder, vehicle bay, and so on, even with no resources.

noenergy — Turns off or on power for all devises.

nosurvival — Food and water are no longer necessary.

oxygen — No longer need to worry about breathing

nitrogen — You can spend more time underwater but also get sick.

invisible — Everything ignores you.

fastbuild — Build modules instantly

fasthatch — Eggs hatch faster.

fastscan — Scanning time is reduced

filterfast — Water filtering time is reduced

radiation — Could have used this in Chernobyl, it disables radiation

fixleaks — Seals the Aurora’s radiation leaks.

unlockdoors — Unlocks all doors, except for ones that must be forced open.

cure [range] — Heals everything within desired area.

infect [range] — Opposite of cure

countdownship — Initiates the Aurora countdown timer.

explodeship — Blows up the Aurora.

restoreship — Opposite of explodeship

startsunbeamstoryevent — Self explanatory

sunbeamcountdownstart — You should know by now

precursorgunaim — Bye, Sunbeam.

forcerocketready — Once again, self eplanatory

Debug and system commands

Creative, freedom, survival, hardcore — changes the game mode to creative

Freedom — changes the game mode to Freedom

Survival — changes the game mode to survival

Hardcore— changes the game mode to hardcore

day — Set the time of day to daytime.

night — Take a guess

daynightspeed [number] — Change the speed of the day/night cycle.

speed [number] — Sets the game speed multiplier.

entreset — Reload all assets, except terrain.

gamereset — Loads last save.

farplane [#] — Sets view distance. Default is 1000.

fog — Toggles fog.

freecam — Toggles free camera. Press F6 to get great screenshots

fps — Displays FPS and other statistics.

sizeref — Spawns a diver model.

vsync — Toggles vsync.

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