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A Beginner’s Guide to Tips for Diablo 3

Diablo 3 started with four levels of difficulties, and those were Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. The levels of damage for Inferno were insanely high, making it impossible to play. By the time the game celebrated 1st anniversary, only 6% of the players had managed to clear Inferno.

Nowadays, the game comes with Normal, Hard, and Expert levels available by default and you need to complete either of them to unlock the Master level. In this Diablo 3 beginner guide, discover some important tips to get you started playing.

Diablo 3 Beginner Guide

It’s easy to grasp the Diablo 3 concept but mastering the game is a bit tricky. It’s therefore, important to take advantage of your first few hours with the game. Keeping this Diablo 3 gaming guide in mind will be worth your while.

Choose a Seasonal Character to Start the Game

Diablo 3 allows you to create four characters, and those are normal, seasonal, hardcore, seasonal hardcore. Starting with a seasonal character has the advantage that it changes to a normal character at the end of every season.

At the end of every season, you’re awarded an end-game armor set and other gifts. However, those awards are only available when you’re in seasons. Once you clear an objective and your character rolls over to normal, you have the advantage of keeping your awards.

Diablo 3 Class Guide

Diablo 3 gives you seven classes of characters with each class having its play-style. The character you choose determines how long you can last playing the game. As a beginner, it’s advisable to try each character and reach level 10 see how you fair each time.

Choose the one you feel more comfortable with. You might be surprised to realize that the character you thought least appealing is your favorite.

Familiarize With the Equipment Stats

Green and red arrows help you determine whether a weapon is an improvement or not. However, don’t rely on those stats entirely as some equipment offer benefits beyond their ordinary stats. For instance, some weapon may not be improved but have huge bonuses, individual skills, and life generation.

Also, be keen on each class stats as different classes favor different stats. Monk and Demon Hunter classes, for example, favor Dexterity while Wizards and Witch Doctors favor Intelligence stat. Understanding which stat every class favors helps you choose the best armor and weapons for that particular class.

Set Play Mode to Story Campaign

As a beginner, one of the things to do in Diablo 3 ensures you’re playing in story campaign mode. Although the story campaign mode is decent to play in, it’s better as it allows you to learn all the features and the mechanics of the game.

However, you need to realize that this mode is a bit slow, but it is better since it gets you acquainted with the game. Once you familiarize with the game features, you can change the difficulty level mid-way while playing in this mode.

Don’t Shy Off From Playing the Highest Difficulty You Can

As a beginner, you might be tempted to start with Normal level. However, there’s nothing wrong with trying higher Diablo 3 difficulty levels. Playing max level gives you more experience and allows you to gather more gold than normal level can.

Feel free to change the difficulties as you wish. If you feel that a certain level is too hard for you, go lower and if it’s too easy, adjust to a higher level. Adjusting the levels until you find your balance allows you to conquer more Diablo 3 three difficulties.

Be Sure to Collect Everything that Falls

Make sure you collect everything that falls from every even including objects enemy mob, and chests even if you feel like it is trash. You’ll later sell these items for gold or save them and use them to get crafting materials such as mats.

However, before you reach level 70, you might want to play through the story without collecting the items or getting attached to any skills. After level 70, you’re done with warm up and ready to collect Diablo 3’s endgame contents.

Beyond level 70, all the items you collect boost your stats, and you also get Rifts that give you access to powerful gems. When playing Diablo 3 for beginners, you’ll realize that the game become addictive once you reach this second phase.

Ensure You Complete All the Bounties

The games Adventure Mode requires you to clear challenges known as Bounties. To collect a bounty, you need to perform tasks such as killing specific enemies after which you’ll collect your Bounty Cache from Tyrael. Bounty Caches give you access to plenty of goodies useful at higher levels, not to forget the experience you gain when clearing Bounties.

Study Your Surroundings

Diablo 3 is rich in treasures, special events, and secrets waiting for you to discover them. There’s also a map that leaves a trail wherever you go. Use that trail to ensure that you have visited every corner of the game and revealed any hidden goodies.

You’ll also note dungeon doors scattered throughout the Sanctuary countryside. Pass through each door as behind the doors are creatures that have swallowed items such as armor, magical weapons, and gold.

Better still, you might find special events happening in those dungeons. Be ready to fight against a horde of enemies or even help a restless spirit rest in peace by eliminating whatever is making it restless. Leaving no stone unturned ensure that you don’t miss useful treasures that you might require later on.

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Now that you have read the Diablo 3 beginner guide, it’s time to sit behind your computer and actualize these tips. However, remember to take a break from clicking your mouse and stretch your limbs.

If you are a game lover and have a list of games that you want to try out, remember first to check out our blog. We have detailed reviews on various games and beginner guides that are as detailed as this Diablo 3 new player guide.

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