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9 Amazing Tips to Play Dark Souls Remastered Easily

No matter how much you loved the original Dark Souls, it was the past and Dark Souls Remastered is the present. Also several people found the original game either too difficult or dreary or even boring. Whatever may be the reason, it’s a truth that several game-lovers missed it out. But as of now Dark Souls Remastered has brought a chance to rectify the mistake and enjoy the game.

There is another way to get the feel of the original Dark Souls – to play games like Dark Souls! Check them out here.

But if you choose to play Dark Souls Remastered, here are some useful tips for you.

Rest at Bonfires

Bonfires in Dark Souls are iconic and for a good reason. They serve as borders where you can level up and restore health. If you die, you’ll have to return to the last bonfire where you rested. So, rest at a bonfire wherever possible.

Choose Your Souls

You collect souls as you fight enemies. These are helpful to level up. In case you die, you lose them but can collect them again if you run back to the spot of your death. Ensure you grab them; if you die one more time without collecting them, you’ll lose all of them.

Don’t Bother Too Much about Your Starting Class

While rolling a character in Dark Souls Remastered, you can choose from 10 different classes, each with different equipment and stats. Just choose something that you find fun. Your grades will eventually start upgrading. However, remember that choosing the Thief will automatically grant you the Master Key, which is useful for unlocking various doors all through the game.

Choose a Good Gift

You also get the choice of some items at the beginning. You can even get the above-mentioned Master Key, which can be useful; but it’s not necessarily recommendable for your first game. However, there’s some decent alternative. If you wish to make early boss fights simpler, take the Black Firebombs. You’ll find both the rings useful. The Tiny Being’s Ring improves your health, which is useful at the beginning of the game, while the Old Witch’s Ring will enable you to talk to an NPC later in the game.

Don’t Be Depressed

When you play Dark Souls, you are bound to experience a defeat. Some failures in the game are really quite tragic. In such events, you should stay calm and not get angry. Just keep progressing. Remember that each new attempt will teach you new things and you’ll improve. Learn more about other games like Dark Souls which also help you improve.

Check Your Stamina

You may not resist the temptation to dodge roll all over or spam attacks. However, your stamina will be fast reduced if you do that. Leave enough for an emergency dodge. Or else you might lack and slash only to be smacked when enemy hits back.

Have a Shield at Hand

Although your shield is not worth relying upon too often, it’s still nice to have it around. Keep it in your off-hand and make use of it whenever you feel overwhelmed. Once you are familiar with attack patterns, ditch it and dodge instead. 

Maintain Your Humanity

As you go on playing, you’ll gain “humanity”. This can be used to restore your human form at a bonfire. The most essential thing in Dark Souls is to be a human. Only then you can summon other players. Hence remember this.

Hold Weapon in Both Hands

On changing your stance, you are able to hold your weapon in both hands. It’ll help you use weapons even if the stat of your Strength is below average. Pair this up with timely dodges and you’ll be able to beat up bosses pretty quickly.

So, are you ready to start playing Dark Souls Remastered? If you are, maybe you should check out 10 other games like Dark Souls

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